What a moment. I wanted to be here - I have waited for 30...for a LONG time. I just knew things would fall together...and they have. Without a lot of thought - but always with a lot of effort and intention. I have to be honest, that whole "effortless" vibe just isn't me. Everything in [...]



Happy Thursday! Super excited to be sharing this blog post with you all about my favorite podcasts. It's really cool to listen to podcasts now that I understand the thought and effort that goes into recording one. I do my best to listen to certain podcasts every week - not just to gain insight - [...]


Hi everyone, I'm happy to report that another quick podcast episode was recorded this week. This one is about turning 30, what I want to change, what makes me mad, etc etc etc LOL. One of the questions was "when was the last time you cried" and I realized - although my vacation to Mexico [...]