Got writer’s block? READ.

Have you ever had writer’s block? Writer’s block in school, writer’s block at work…it’s the worst! I pride myself on my English writing skills, not because I believe I am this fantastic writer, but because English was always my go-to subject in school. I never ever had an issue writing long essays, articulating my thoughts, or expanding on a topic. Lately though, especially with this new blog, I have found that sometimes writer’s block is inevitable. So I decided to write a short post about how I deal with it. Later on in this post I’ll speak about the book I am currently reading as well (nothing like a good book to cure you).IMG_8010

Here are 10 tips on how I cure the good ol’ writer’s block:

  1. Work out – go on a walk, a run…clear your mind. See some new scenery while you’re at it. Be alone in your thoughts and get the blood flowing.
  2. Read a book – I will go into more depth below but there’s nothing like a good book to get you excited about writing again.
  3. Nap – ever wake up from a nap and your mood is completely different? Try it!
  4. Shower – the shower is the one place where you don’t have your phone as a distraction (and I hope that never changes)!
  5. Change my environment – I may be writing in my room all day and suddenly realize I don’t have any new ideas, so I move to the dining room, the living room, the backyard…make use of your real estate.
  6. Go back to the drawing board – ask yourself this question: why am I even writing this post, book, essay, article? Create some sort of outline for yourself and work off of that.
  7. Accept that I may write garbage – okay so not everything I write is going to be a masterpiece…that’s okay! That’s what the delete button is for.
  8. Sip some coffee – want some extra help in the brain department? Sip some caffeine and get your mind going.
  9. Shut down the computer – sometimes you need to go back to basics and just grab a pen and paper and go about it that way, you’d be surprised.
  10. Go to a bookstore/library – ever get inspired by other people writing or getting work done? Go to a Barnes and Noble or your local library and get started.

Number 2 ALWAYS works for me. Reading gets my brain going: reading shows me how another writer writes, it takes me to another world. I had the craziest revelation the other day: I was thinking about a story I could’ve sworn someone had shared with me, I vividly remember this no-face person telling me about the morning of their wedding (really funny sequence of events). I just couldn’t put a face to the story. A while later I realized, I had read it in a book–no one had ever told me that story, I READ IT! I couldn’t believe it, imagine the world that reading takes me to…I was so engulfed in this book that it was almost as if the author was in front of me sharing this wedding story with me. Incredible, hence the reason why I LOVE to read. Absolutely love it.

I remember a long time ago a professor told me that if I wanted to be an even better writer and have a great vocabulary, I’d need to READ, READ, and READ. He was so right. I have found that reading always opens me up to a new world of words—I’d like to think that my vocabulary is based partially on my education and partially on my love of books. If you know me, you know I think there’s nothing stronger than a person with great verbal skills, writing skills, and a sharp vocabulary.

Now, on to Pretty Happy.  I have always been the type to read self-help books, anything on metaphysics, finding balance and the power of one’s mind. Lately, I’ve been into figuring out how I can physically help my mind grow. I looked into Kate Hudson’s book, Pretty Happy, and I must admit, it’s pretty amazing. In her book, she talks about the four pillars of health and her truth about what it means to be a pretty happy and healthy person, not only for herself, but for her family. Without giving much away, I wanted to share with you the four pillars she so generously shared with me. Here they are:

  • Pillar One: Cultivate an Intuitive Relationship with Your Body
  • Pillar Two: Eat Well
  • Pillar Three: Awaken Your Body
  • Pillar Four: The Miracle of Mindfulness

I am currently working on pillar three and four as we speak because I am absolutely convinced that I have pillar one down pact. And as for pillar two, let’s just say, I have my good and bad days! 🙂

If you have any questions on writer’s block or what books I recommend (for anything), comment below!

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