dvsn ÷

Concerts on a Monday night? NO THANK YOU. Unless you are dvsn—my god, what a performance. My weekends have been exhausting lately: weddings, graduation parties, family events and bbq’s…I have found that I catch up on sleep during the week! Go figure. So as I sip my Tazo Awake tea, I can’t help but think of my Monday night. I am currently listening to Try/Effortless as I type this short post. I am for sure that dvsn is the next Weeknd. The concert was at the Roxy. The concert was epic. The concert, some may say, was legendary.

Cut to scene 1—I am surrounded by many different people—18 year olds fresh out of the movie DOPE. 30 year olds talking about the Alchemist. Drinks are flowing. Diddy passes me with heavy security in tow. Diddy’s here?


Cut to scene 2—DJ Reflex starts playing Aaliyah, Craig David, Kanye, and Bryson Tiller. The energy in the room is growing as I notice that it’s getting hotter.

Cut to scene 3—security is everywhere, so who else is here? I look around and notice every single person around me is having a good time. The VIP section is full. The floor is packed.

Cut to scene 4—Reflex ends his set and the curtain goes down as I grow impatient. Where is dvsn? I am ready to sleep! It’s Monday, I am going to be tired all week! Pause—I am always tired, anyways…maybe if I just…CUT…

To scene 5—here he is. The curtain rises. His album is named after my birthday. This guy can sing. Everyone is singing along. An ode to Prince? An ode to Aaliyah? Effortless sounds better in person? I am sold.

Cut to end scene—I am walking out the side exit, passing through an alley filled with Audis and Range Rovers, I look to my left and to my right as I skip across Sunset Blvd. to the car.


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