Universal Mirror Theory.

I have been grappling with my lack of photo content as this week comes to an end. I have so many things I would like to write about: top 10 this, my favorite that, etc. One of the things I have been holding off on sharing is something that I feel is perfect for this time in my life. This overarching concept of universal mirror theory. I have noticed that my interests are strictly mine. Whether I care about politics, astrology, fashion, celebrity news, our stock market plummeting, (I COULD GO ON AND ON)…I have come to realize that no matter who I share those things with: family, friends, coworkers….those interests are mine and mine alone.

The variety of interests that one creates over time is truly a work of art. That quote about 7 billion people experiencing this day differently is centered on this theory. Some people genuinely care about the famed #BREXIT, others are worried about Calvin Harris’ need to not open his mouth on social media, some may be worried about their jobs, others are worried about where their 401k stands at this moment due to the EU fallout, and some are genuinely concerned about their outfit for tonight’s festivities…regardless of what is going on in someone’s mind; I have come to realize that it is their reality. It’s what matters to them most. And it truly is a remarkable thing.

With that being said, I have noticed that I affect my mood the most. I can choose to notice our stock market in ruins this morning or continue to enjoy this cinnamon raisin bagel. I can wonder why people genuinely don’t care about what something means for our economy, political arena, etc…or I could google how to become a crockpot sensation. LOL HONESTLY—THE WORLD IS MINE FOR THE TAKING. I have never been the ‘ignorance is bliss’ type and I have always remained up to date on what is going on globally whether I speak on it or not. Sometimes I have found that it really is easier to turn a blind eye. For example, how many people are talking about southern Mexico: teachers being killed daily? I know not a single soul that has mentioned this to me with real concern. With that being said, hearing about a country in ruins that is so close to my home bothers me more than anything—hence my lack of urgency to speak on it. My inherent worry that if I bring this up to someone and they won’t have a clue about what I am talking about keeps me from sharing.

I have found that my days at work are usually spent doing outreach of some sort and creating marketing plans to better help an organization flourish. And when I go home, I find myself trying to find the urge to work out or read a book…and fight the urge to watch trash television and enjoy Popcornopolis. My health is completely affected by what I eat, read, watch, and surround myself with. Because of this—I wanted to share with my readers this concept I have grown rather fond of in hopes that over this weekend you, too, will think about it. So here I go…

Our feelings directly affect our subconscious. And this goes both ways. For example, a feeling of anxiety is actually our subconscious affecting our feelings and allowing us to feel what is being pushed so far back in our minds. The force behind the manifestation process proves every day that we are what we think. Some people truly believe that what they think does not affect them at all. I laugh at those people. For instance, when someone does something that bothers you, it is said that that person is actually doing something that you’ve once done that you hated about yourself. THE MIRROR.

How can we follow our bliss and feel that feeling without being ignorant? Here’s a proper start: know what you want, not what you don’t want. Let me explain: so many people haven’t a clue about what they want…but ask them what they don’t want and they could go on and on. The focus is shifted on the negative. If I asked you what you wanted in your life in a year, what would you say? If I asked you what your perfect life consisted of—in detail—what would your answer be? If I asked you to tell me everything you want in life to make you happy, how would you respond? Have you ever asked someone what they want? How many times has someone responded “I’m not sure what I want, but I can definitely tell you what I DON’T WANT!”

WHY?! How can someone definitely tell you what they don’t want, what they don’t like, what does not work for them? Because they focus on it! The more I read on metaphysics, the more I notice the subconscious response of others. I do not blame those people, I am one of those people 70% of the time. We base everything we’ve ever done or will ever do on some sort of experience: I know I love being out in the sun because I have witnessed the incredible sleep I have after a day in the sun. I know I do not like certain foods because of how I have felt after eating them. Every single piece of knowledge that I can share, is based on a prior experience. But what if I don’t have the proper experience to put a stamp of approval or disapproval on something?

If you want to know what you truly believe: look at your friends, family, etc.  Our beliefs are manifested and we call those people into our lives. They are our mirrors. Life reflects what you hold most deeply in your subconscious. I wish more people could see that every single part of their life could remain positive if they just thought in a positive manner—again, I am one of those people who isn’t always positive, so if I am pointing fingers, I promise I am pointing at myself first. I just want to leave my readers with one thing to think about this weekend, here it is: “When you finally realize that the universe reflects back to you what you’ve been holding in your consciousness at the deepest levels, your life will change. For one thing, if you really take in what this means, you’ll do some deep soul-searching to uncover how you’ve created your own reality. Once you see this, you can learn how to create other realities.”

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