A little Shoebox and a lot of Trader Joe’s!

Sometimes, when you’re not feeling too good, it’s best to take a look back at what you were doing in the past that truly made you feel great. Thankfully, I have the Shoebox App. The Shoebox App is great because it stores all of your photos and it emails you with a subject line like “This Time Last Year” and basically shows you a photo from that day last year. I am actually super excited when I see an email from them.

I found myself looking through the Shoebox App this past week when I got an email. I clicked on July 2015 and went through my photos. Many pictures were of my outfits, a selfie, a quote, etc. One thing I noticed was–I was tan, my hair was long and dark, and I looked a little bit more fit. So I started thinking back to that time. I thought about what I was eating, what type of exercise I was doing, what my sleeping habits were. The main thing that struck me was how IMPECCABLY clean my room was in all of the photos as well.


This is a little specific but I remember I used to take my favorite (AND I MEAN FAVORITE) Trader Joe’s salad to work for lunch as well. I’m sure that added to my fit body 🙂  But I was also super tan from all of the hiking I was doing and my body seemed a little tighter from all the yoga I was practicing as well. I was hiking, going to yoga twice a week,  eating better, sleeping better, getting out of work earlier…you get it. I was also taking time to pray/meditate.

As my free time has become a little more scarce, I find myself not going to Trader Joe’s as much (RIP to my favorite lunch salad), not hiking as much and not waking up on time to work out.These days, my lunch isn’t as healthy, my mind isn’t as clear, and I am definitely not waking up in time for yoga. In the beginning of 2016 I was on a roll, I really was putting in work at yoga, but once work got crazy–I got crazy. That needs to stop. I bought a little mini book at Urban Outfitters and started reading it this morning before I left for work. It said something along the lines of “getting to know yourself is the truest form of peace.” I decided that today would be the day I took a little bit more time getting in tune with what made me feel so good last year. I have many “first days” when it comes to trying to better myself, but it is not to say I am not trying!

I swear it’s the little things that can really change your mood or jump start your day. I was running a little late today, but feeling really good nonetheless. As I looked in my lunch bag I noticed something that totally shifted my mood: MY FAVORITE Trader Joe’s salad! I looked at my mom — probably more excited than I should’ve been — and asked, “you went to Trader Joe’s?!” She responded, “Yea, I was in the area and grabbed you some of your favorite things.”

MY WHOLE MORNING WAS MADE. It was like she helped shift me back on the path of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Thanks mama!

I know how small this gesture might sound to many but it really meant so much to me. Minus all of this Trader Joe’s talk, what I really wanted to convey in this post was that looking to what has worked before or looking inside of yourself can really aid in your new future successes (big or small). I wanted to leave you with a little token I came up with today on my way to work:

“Knowing yourself will keep you from all other instabilities and imbalances. By knowing yourself, you can remain stable and balanced.”

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