White and Gold

I have been changing my room a lot as of late. I started my room off all white…then went to a silver grey bedding to enhance the amazing backdrop of the Flat Iron building behind my bed. I read A LOT, so I found a bed frame that has book shelves for my books. My bed is the greatest invention ever because under the mattress there’s four LARGE drawers where I store all of my stilettos, sandals, boots, booties, etc.! My bed, nightstand and chair are staples in my room…and they’re not going anywhere! But just like everything in life, every once in a while you need a little change 🙂


Later in the Winter of 2015, I changed my bedding to a deep burgundy, a pinot noir color for all my winos out there! It was so beautiful and really went well with the mahogany hardwood floors…but what I’ve always realized about myself is that I tend to go right back to basics.

Fast forward to Summer 2016, one of my favorite summers thus far. I got promoted, my job is fantastic, I’m healthy, I am sleeping in more and I am…changing my room once again! This time, I am changing a lot of the artwork in my room; I went back to an all-white-everything ambiance and I am completely in love. The only accent colors in my room are gold and the mahogany hardwood floors. I have a beautiful bay window that brings in a lot of light, so now I just bought hanging planters to drape from the ceiling. Below are some of the pieces of artwork as well as one of the hanging planters I purchased. Enjoy!


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