All White Decor

This week has been a crazy one for me. So many meetings, I presented my marketing plan (and it went well!), I managed to get some proper sleep (thank you Jesus), and I also found some room inspo for this weekend. This weekend I plan on revamping parts of my room to add to my all-white theme. I have spent the whole month of July cleaning my room every chance I get.


I wake up 20 minutes earlier some mornings just to hang clothes, put stuff away and look for more clothing to give away. I am the complete opposite of a hoarder, I am a PURGER. I hate clutter. The only thing I refuse to throw out is the insane amount of books all over my room. I KNOW I will have a library in my house when I get older, I just know it…but until I get my own spot, I will be working on my sweet all-white bedroom. Take a look at some of my favorite design inspo for this weekend’s makeover. Pictures to follow next week! 🙂



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