marble obsession//we know

Okay FINE. So maybe I am not the only human obsessed with white marble…but I honestly can’t help myself. At one point my phone case was marble, my laptop cover is currently white marble, I find myself looking at white marble side tables…you name it. My room was just recently painted all white while I was out of town (God bless my parents) and I am currently adding gold and rose gold accents to add just a LITTLE pop of color. Nothing feels better to me than a clean, pure, white room. My bed cover, walls, and furniture are all white. I can’t even begin to explain how peaceful it is.

This weekend, after traveling to San Francisco, I went to a nursery by my house to add some life to my room. I bought lavender succulents, aloe, and a BEAUTIFUL plant to add to my hanging planter (pictures coming soon)! So naturally, the only thing that was really missing was some extra marble accents to dress the place up. Here are some of my favorite white marble pieces to spice up a room:

Williams-Sonoma Marble Bedside Tray


Waterworks Studio Luna White Marble Tissue Cover


CB2 Marble Wall-Mounted Shelf


Urban Collection Leather Mahogony Marble Jar Candle – (Can be found at Target!)


West Elm Box Frame Nesting Table




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