I am absolutely in LOVE with the new Target Home Collection. All the new pieces scream INTERIOR GOALS. I wanted to share my five favorite pieces from the collection. I am constantly updating the look in my room–all white everything–as you know…so to find out that Target is now satisfying my CB2 obsession (on a budget!) is amazing.

Check it out! 🙂

Threshold Black Global Oversized Lumbar Pillow, $24.99  – My room is basically white and gold (with some RARE grey and black pieces). This pillow is the perfect pop of color for an all white aesthetic. A cute global touch.image-5

Threshold Sunburst Wall Décor, $24.99  – I have been looking for one of these gold sunbursts for quite some time, but everytime I find one, they’re either too large or too expensive. Under 25 dollars? SOLD.image-4

Threshold Marble Tic Tac Toe Set, $34.99 – So, we already have one of these in our house–golden box, white x’s and o’s…but I am obsessed with marble (see previous post) so this is a must have! image-3Threshold Marble Top Accent Table, $89.99 – What are the odds that I almost bought this exact table for $180 dollars almost 3 weeks ago? Thank God I didn’t, now that extra hundred dollars can go towards my new sunburst and marble tic tac toe set! LOL


Threshold Frosted Grey Fur Stool, $69.99 –  Just some added Nordic style to really tie my LA-mod look together. Global chic, anyone? Plus, this could help my puppy jump on my bed–AKA it’s perfect.


I truly hope you’re all as excited as I am for Target’s…excuse me…TARJAY’S new Home Collection!

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