Coming to Fruition

OKAY! So I was not going to let my birthday month pass without writing a birthday post. This month started crazy and hasn’t stopped being crazy. I have been traveling for work nonstop for a little over a month now–San Francisco, San Diego, etc etc etc. I am exhausted…but SO grateful. Turning 27 has already been an amazing experience–if you know me–you know I never ever throw a birthday party. I am just not that person. Every year its usually the same thing: Do whatever I want during the day (yoga, a hike, shop) and then dinner with about 10-15 people (my parents, brother, boyfriend and close friends).

So, I wanted change it up this year. About 10 days before my birthday I wrote a post saying I’d want to travel or throw a party. Talk about writing things on the blog and having them come to fruition! If this is what 27 is all about, get ready for a lot more posts about my hopes and dreams! LOL. I still want to travel somewhere so I will be making sure to do some research on my next destination. The last time I was on a flight for leisure, I was going to London and Paris with my best friend. This time, I’d really like to keep it semi-local and go back to Cancun–one of my favorite places OF ALL TIME (hands down).

I am super excited to share photos with you all, I decided to go for a somewhat easy (or so I thought) tropical theme. I called it my: “Lucky Number (Twenty) Seven” šŸ™‚

Think big palm leaves, lots of pink and gold, and pineapples. We bought a lot of leis and made it happen. My parents had the event catered; my birthday happened to fall on Labor Day so we had over 60 of my closest friends and family in attendance (a huge leap from my usually 10 guests LOL). My favorite part of the decor was my DIY back drop that my dad made from scratch. God bless that man.

Check out my photos below šŸ™‚fullsizerenderimg_2894img_2647img_2626img_3033rtujcvjgtgtfvhgimg_2887dtyjcjyryze

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