Birthday Thank You Cards

It’s a Fall morning! YAY FOR SWEATER WEATHER. A month ago, the weather was in the 100’s and I was having a tropical themed birthday party with 60+ family and close friends. So it was only right that I find cute palm/banana leaf thank you cards. The only problem? It was like $9.99 for 6 cards. That just wasn’t going to work with my budget. So I went to Etsy. Trusted, tried and true…and there they were! The cutest thank you cards for only $10.00 and I could print as many as I wanted.

Next step: card stock paper. God bless my dad for having a garage full of supplies. The great thing about these thank you cards is that you can download the PDF with dotted lines to cut on…SCORE-because honestly, who can cut in a straight line anyway?

So I spent a couple of days cutting through 50ish cards to send off this weekend. It’s honestly not that time consuming when you can multitask and watch your favorite shows while cutting along the dotted line. And needless to say, they came out super cute. The only things I’m missing are stamps and envelopes. For under 20 dollars I managed to handle all of it AND remain in theme! Please check out the place where I bought these cute cards from. I was able to immediately download them once I bought them as well.

Check them out below. I LOVE them! 🙂



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