Physician’s Formula FTW! (Glowing and DEWY Skin)

I recently went to a wedding and wore ALL Physician’s Formula makeup and let me just sayyy…what a dream! My skin looked flawless! 🙂 Now, coming from a person who has always had sensitive skin and doesn’t wear makeup, this was really perfect for me. Granted, my skin isn’t perfect by any means…I think it has been a lot better to me because  I have taken the time to take care of it. Like I’ve stated before, I only wear sunscreen and rosewater on my face. Then I add mascara, a cat eye and some lipstick (usually liquid lipstick). On days where I want to do something extra, I will add some concealer, bronzer and nude eye shadow.

I am a major lover of ALL drugstore makeup brands. Lately, I have fallen in love with NYX and Milani, BUT Physician’s Formula never fails me! Check out the products I used below and see my final look.


I use the lightest color concealer and basically put it under/around my eyes. And to cover up any blemishes, etc. I don’t set it with anything. I put on concealer immediately after my sunscreen and dab it in. Works like a dream. I love the glowing/dewy skin look, so the less powder, the better.


Talk about a game changer. This is a universal brown. I start by combing my eyebrows, then I start to color them in with the brown color. After that, I brush through them, and then add the tinted eyebrow gel on top. Last step: I use the highlighter pencil at my brow bone right under the brown. I will never use another eyebrow pencil again! SERIOUSLY- IT’S A MUST TRY!


Next, I add highlighter to my cheek bones, my nose, cupid’s bow and on my eyelids (trust me on the eyelids)!


Lastly, and I don’t care what anyone says about this, I add this bronzer basically everywhere with a large elf blush brush. The more bronzer, the better.

Here is my finished look: FullSizeRender.jpg

Sidenote: Don’t mind my sunglasses. I did not use Physician’s Formula lipstick. Instead, I used NYX Lip Liner in Mauve all over my lips + some chapstick to smooth it out. Another great drugstore brand! 🙂

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