Fall Must Haves!

I hope everyone is enjoying the time change. I have been sleeping earlier (hopefully I stick with it) and I have definitely had more energy. Today, on Election Day, I have found that one thing remains true: EVERYONE IS CRAZY. No really…

  • On the road: there’s road rage,
  • In Starbucks: there’s the lady who’s bothered they messed up her order;
  • your friends
  • colleagues
  • family, etc!

It’s incredible how easy it is to get caught up in everyone else’s ENERGY. That’s a different conversation for a different day. I am really writing this post to talk about my #FALLMUSTHAVES and this is how I got on this tangent. I have found that whenever I am really stressed out, I online window shop 🙂

It’s actually really calming for me. I look for books on Amazon and skin care products Overstock. I look for inexpensive pieces for the season’s trends. I go online and check out what my favorite bloggers are wearing. I do it all, just to escape, for a good 5 minutes. The ONLY television we watch these days are news stations. I am SO OVER this election THERE ARE HONESTLY NO WORDS. I find myself going into my room earlier each night to escape the craziness on TV. I watch recorded shows more than ever just to skip over the ridiculous ads I see. Now! Back to #FALLMUSTHAVES! During my moments of escape, I have found some incredible things that are currently sitting in my online shopping carts and I wanted to share.

Let’s start with skin products!


Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer  (confession: I just bought it!)


This little finger mitten wipe allows for you to exfoliate in circular motions and rejuvenate your skin. The best part? It’s a leave-on treatment. I do it right before bed. I take off my makeup, exfoliate, and sleep.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream


Please tell me you’ve heard about this? Granted I am Egyptian and my grandmother has a very similar one from Egypt — this cream is apparently the GOD SEND of all body creams. Have you heard of the Land of Milk and Honey? They call this all purpose cream the “milk and honey” of all body creams. SACRED!


Velvet Surplice Bodysuit in Gold


My mom has been all over this gold-crushed velvet look. She has totally got me hooked. This bodysuit from Nordstrom is $49.00 and perfect for any fall look.

Adidas Originals Adicolour Leggings With Double Trefoil Logo


These leggings are so cute to me. I love how the emblem is on the bottom rather than down the side of the thigh. Every adidas piece I own is so comfortable, chic and fit for ALMOST any occasion 🙂 Best part, they’re only $30.00 online!


Steve Madden Edit Bootie in Navy Velvet


These boots are all the rage right now. The velvet, the the height, the color. Everyone is going crazy for this Navy Velvet color and I am right there with them. I am sure they will sell out soon but I am kind of not sure how often I will use blue shoes, so unless they’re a gift, I MAYYY not spend on them! Honesty is the best policy LOL. Either way, they are so super cute to me and I just bought a pair of similar boots in black from TOPSHOP that I wear religiously.

Adidas Originals Ice Purple Suede Gazelle Sneakers


ONE MORE TIME FOR ADIDAS! I absolutely love adidas Originals. They are my favorite. And this ice purple color is SO pretty. These sneakers are $100.00 and are worth every penny to me. A true statement piece in my opinion!

So there you have it! These are honestly just a COUPLE of my #FALLMUSTHAVES. I am sure you’ll see a couple more posts just like this one throughout the month of November! xo

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