Time to get right!

So I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday eating turkey, mashed potatoes and all that good stuff. And as fun as that was, sweat pants aren’t business casual. I wanted to share my three favorite “workouts” with you in hopes that I could help motivate you and ME to workout. PSA: I am not a fitness guru by any means, nor am I “body goals,” but I definitely like to take care of my body and mind. Whether you meditate everyday or run 5 miles, taking some time for you is crucial. The three workouts I always circle back to are: walking, hiking and hot yoga.


Walking: I lost 18 lbs when I was in college just by walking everyday. Sure I ate right, but the walking around my neighborhood is what did it. 100%. My favorite thing to do is create a playlist and go on a 60-90 minute walk around the neighborhood. I spend that time in my thoughts, looking around at nature and truly enjoying the weather.

Hiking: The problem with hiking and walking is that it’s usually dependent on the weather. I like to walk when I don’t have time to drive to a hike. When I have time to take a drive and get in a good hike, I am all about it. Fryman Canyon is definitely my favorite, but because I live in Tarzana, sometimes walking up Reseda does the trick. It’s all uphill and really rewarding when you get to the top — not to mention the view!

Yoga: Yoga is honestly my everything. I saved the best for last. I tried Bikram a couple of times and hated it. I am a hardcore Corepower Yoga goer. I live and breathe the cult following that is: Corepower. C1 and C2 are my favorites. I am definitely not a fan of Hot Power Fusion but, if necessary, I’ll do it. LOL. I fell in love with Corepower about two years ago and I’ve been going ever since; sometimes I’ll go once a week, once a month, sometimes 4 times a week…all depending on my mood. Yet no matter what my mood is going into that room, once I roll up my mat after that hour, I feel AMAZING. I think you’re best bet with Corepower is to go to C1 and try it once a week for a month. Then ease into C2. C2 is in a hotter room, it’s a harder workout, and it has a faster pace. C1 isn’t slow, but it definitely eases you into the positions. Yoga isn’t just a workout to me, it’s a practice, it’s a lifestyle. When I say “namaste” before I leave that room, I truly mean it: “The light, truth and spirit in me, honors the light, truth and spirit in…” everyone in that room.

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