So it’s that time of year when all of the CRAZY holiday people come out to the malls, give me anxiety in parking lots, and push me out of the way in Sephora. Ah! The holidays! LOL. No, really…I love this time of year, minus all of the crazy people. I can’t believe there’s less than 3 weeks until Christmas! Lately, per usual, I have been online window shopping and looking at all of the things I want for Christmas. I found four of my favorite things that I wanted to share with you all. My favorites, in order, are: the Gucci’s, the Tiffany’s T ring, the Bobby hexagon and the Celine’s (all amazing brands)!

The Gucci Princetown Mule Loafer 

_12070493Every blogger needs a pair of these. I feel like it’s a staple piece in every single one of my favorite bloggers looks. I truly believe quality name brands only get better with time. I mean, vintage Chanel HELLO! 🙂

The Tiffany T Wire Ring

tiffany-twire-ring-33283458_940109_ed_mMaybe it’s because my last name starts with a T. Or maybe it’s because I love Tiffany’s…either way, I am obsessed with this classic statement piece in 18K yellow gold. Something about it, I think the fact that there’s no diamonds almost makes me like it more.

The Bobby Leather Signature Hexagon Shoulder Bag


I have wanted this bag for quite some time now, I am utterly obsessed with it. I think the shape alone is so unique and so different than anything I’ve seen anyone wearing. I have been wanting this Australian beauty since I first saw one of my favorite bloggers wearing it!

The Celine CI 41026/s Sunglasses in Black Tortoise/Brown


I personally love anything Celine, my best friend has so many Celine bags that I always swoon over. I know that it’s the holidays and I probably shouldn’t be that into sunglasses but let’s be real…I live in Los Angeles and it’s almost ALWAYS sunny!

What are you lusting for this Christmas? XO

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