Christmas is basically two weeks away! I know I’ve already done a Christmas post butttt…’TIS THE SEASON! I wanted to share with you how my family and I give back during the holiday season. There are so many amazing things I love about Christmas. For starters, I love buying presents for the people that I love; who doesn’t? I love giving people things I know they’ll use or really enjoy. I also love to decorate the tree with my mom and then set up our dinner table for Christmas Eve. My mom is definitely my best friend so doing this with her is easily one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

One of the things we always do together is go buy toys to drop off at the local fire station. I’m sure many of you have heard of Toys for Tots or the Spark of Love Toy Drive–either way, almost all fire stations will take your new and unwrapped toys. My mom and I spent part of our weekend doing just that (shopping). And we don’t discriminate–we buy toys from everywhere! You don’t have to buy crazy expensive toys from Toys “R” Us. Walgreen’s, Ross, and many boutique toy stores have affordable toys for boys and girls.

I love the feeling right after we drop off all of the toys and get in the car–my mom and I are obviously very emotional–because we’re basically in tears and so excited that we got to donate toys to the kids who may not have many gifts under their tree (they may not even have a Christmas tree all together). So far, my mom and I have collected a little over 20 toys. We always ask both my dad and my brother to give us money as well (we just pool all the money together and we go buy whatever we can).

At the end of the day, no matter how excited I may be to get something designer or get a new handbag, etc…nothing beats that feeling of knowing you brought joy to a child. I think both of my parents take it so seriously because, as parents, they know how hard it must be to not be able to shower your kids with presents on Christmas.

If you’re wondering how you can donate, please check out the directions below for the Spark of Love Toy Drive!

  • Drop off your new, unwrapped toys or sports equipment at your local fire station.
  • Donate online by going to to make a donation via credit card. All proceeds will go to buying toys or sports equipment for the children.
  • Bring your new, unwrapped toys or sports equipment to one of our four Stuff-A-Buses in Cerritos, Ontario, Canoga Park or Anaheim.
  • Or drop them off at any Toys for Tots Collection Box.

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