BUT HONESTLY…I LOVE the new year! I love everything about it. I love the fresh new start, the optimism, the energy. I have many goals I’d love to accomplish but I’ve decided to narrow it down to like…SEVEN. Some are resolutions, some are things I’ve been wanting to do.

I just want to be a free spirit this year. I overthink everything and as responsible as I am, it’d be nice to just relax and go with the the flow every once in a while. LOL

So here are my seven resolutions. All pretty generic but all very necessary.

1. SAVE MONEY. I spend on stupid shit to be honest LOL. I spend so much money at Starbucks alone, it’s embarrassing. It’s time to save, I work too hard to not have investments, a savings plan, etc. Time to be an adult.

2. READ MORE. I read a lot already but I sometimes skip out every other day. I am going to set aside time for reading and make it a part of my daily schedule so it’s planned and it’s achieved.

3. TRAVEL…A LOT. Nowhere far or crazy, but I have to travel more. This year I barely traveled and it bothered me. I just want to see new places, relax and enjoy a cocktail or two…in a different country.

4. BLOG, BLOG, BLOG. This blog has made me a happier person, plain and simple. I’ve met successful bloggers (either in person or virtually) who have been SO inspiring. They’ve complimented my content on Instagram or read my posts on here and have emailed me about them. All of them have just been so nice. Amen to girl power.

5. BECOME FEARLESS. I am going to finally tell family and friends about this blog. Read my next post and you’ll completely understand – it deserved its own post. I’m such an apologetic person. Always saying sorry and feeling like I’m not doing enough for the people around me. It’s truly exhausting. The more I think about it, the more I completely understand the term “unapologetic.”

6. LISTEN MORE, TALK LESS. It’s that simple. My mind is complicated and I have a million things running through my brain. I talk fast and I never take enough time to listen, process, and PAUSE before I react. I need to be less reactionary and zen out. 2017. Time to be a calm, free me.

7. RIDE A REAL ROLLERCOASTER. This is really a goal of mine. LOL. I worry about everything, overthink everything, and I just need to RELAX. Therefore, while becoming fearless, I plan on going on a real-non-Disneyland rollercoaster this year. And when I do, I truly plan on enjoying it. Free spirit squad, who’s with me?


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