Happy Friday!

So…to get right down to it, I wanted to start off this first week of the new year with a fitness/health post. Since I am not necessarily fitness goals by any means, I thought, why not have my friend Chelsey Rose give us all some tips?

I don’t have many blogger friends and I promised myself I’d take more time to be social and enjoy my girl-time this year. Lucky for me, when I met Health and Fitness Blogger, Chelsey Rose, we hit it off right away. Minus the fact that her and I are a lot alike – we plan everything, use the same slang, etc LOL…She’s easily one of the most beautiful and down to earth humans I know. Check out my interview with her below. Thanks for sharing all of this important information with us, Chelsey! XO

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Where’d you grow up?

So I was born in Montana where my parents met and went to high school together but by the time I was about 5 or 6 years old we were living in San Diego and that’s where I stayed until I was 21! I’m obsessed with San Diego and miss it so much. I would actually move back there asap if my boyfriend’s music wasn’t based in LA.

What’s your favorite go-to snack?

My favorite go to snack lately has been a Perfect bar. I’m more obsessed with the mini ones because they’re the perfect size so if I have a box of the regular size Perfect Bars, then I’ll just cut one in half and snack on that! Also – frozen grapes!


How often do you work out per week – whats your favorite workout?

If I’m really on my game then I’ll work out 6 – 7 times a week for 30 minutes a day. I’m obsessed with HIIT workouts so this is what a scheduled week normally looks like for me.

Monday – Upper body HIIT

Tuesday – 30 Minutes Steady State Cardio

Wednesday – Lower Body HIIT

Thursday – 10-15 minutes of HIIT Cardio

Friday – Abs HIIT

Saturday – 30 Minutes Steady State Cardio

Sunday – I’ll either go for a hike or to a yoga class, or just go walk around…this is called active rest. OR if I’m feeling up for it, I’ll hit the gym and do a full body HIIT – still only 30 minutes though.

You can read more about my work out schedule here. Also, you can check this out to learn how to create your own HIIT workout.

Do you cook all of your meals? If not, what’s your favorite restaurant?

I used to cook all the time but I’ve noticed that as my schedule has gotten more hectic and as I moved away from eating meat, I don’t cook as often. I tend to snack more or eat things that don’t need to be cooked, which is actually kind of great! So at home I’m always munching on almonds, Perfect bars, and fruit for snacks. For a meal I might have a protein smoothie, a tuna salad, a three bean salad, or a grain like cous cous with a side of fish.

My favorite restaurants are ones that have healthy food and GOOD cocktails with fresh ingredients. I like these two spots by my house in LA. One is called Sun Cafe and pretty much everything they have there is RAW which is AMAZING. Once I stopped caring about calories and started caring more about the ingredients in the food I was eating, I noticed a that my energy went up and the bloating in my stomach went down. So knowing that the ingredients at Sun Cafe are all natural ingredients is a plus! It makes me feel like I can go indulge!

My other favorite restaurant right now is Granville Cafe. I’m an ambiance person, so they have that on point with their outside seating area, strings of lights and a tree IN the restaurant. Plus, their food is healthy and their gin gimlet is THE BEST.

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Any tips for a healthier 2017?

For anyone looking to get healthier this year I would suggest doing what I did 4 years ago and give up paying so much attention to calories. I hate when people say that they can eat whatever they want as long as they stay in their calorie limit. You technically can, but do you really want to? If you’re already paying so much attention to being more fit don’t you think it would be good to do it the healthy way? At the end of the day, a person that eats healthy, whole, nutritious, plant -based foods all day long is going to be healthier than someone that eats artificial pop tarts and donuts. I’d say start there and see how you feel.
What’s one solid piece of advice you can give to anyone on their journey to a healthier lifestyle?

First thing that comes to mind is to tell people to read The China Study. I wrote about it on my blog, here. And, I also mentioned The China Study in another post when I learned about the foods that women are eating that are actually CAUSING breast cancer.

I think this is a book that everyone in High School should be required to read. It completely breaks down for you the problems with consuming animal products vs. the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. It definitely helped me change my diet and has helped me change the diet of others.

Favorite bloggers?

I love Nutrition Stripped for healthy plant-based recipe ideas and her branding is just so on point. I also love The Eternal Child for food and adventure posts and just overall beautiful photography. And lastly, GrittyPretty for all things beauty, mainly skin and hair care.

Where can we buy your RUN IT Dad Hat? 🙂

The RUN IT dad hat is available on my site, here!

I made these hats for any woman out there who’s working hard towards kicking some ass and chasing their dreams. The woman who doesn’t make excuses and is an overall boss lady. For all the women out there who well…know how to #RUNIT.

Chelsey Rose is currently creating her own Health Guide E-book and Fitness Guide E-Book that she will be launching in early 2017. STAY TUNED!

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