Happy Tuesday! I wanted to write a quick post on my favorite songs at the moment. It’s funny how I have a MUSIC tab on my blog yet barely post about it. Music is 90% of my life so I find it interesting how I manage to always have a song in my ear yet barely take enough time to share my favorite songs with you all. Read along to hear about some of my favorites!

I like to categorize my Spotify playlists by month and year. The main reason for this is to reflect back on where I was at that time, remember how much I loved a song, etc. I am someone who has ZERO direction when it comes to music. I like Hip Hop, R&B, House, basically anything. Everything kind of flows together for me depending on my mood. I have a couple of SERIOUS favorites that I will make note of now. Lately, my two favorite songs are: Niia – Body and Redondo – Every Single Piece (LVNDSCAPE Remix). I will probably spend more time on certain songs explaining why they’re my favorites but I highly suggest you check all of them out. I promise, when it comes to music, I wont disappoint you!

For starters, Niia’s “Body touches my soul. LOL. There’s no other way to put it. The way she says “It’s my love for you” is honestly half the reason I listen to this song on repeat. I am currently listening to it right now, and I listen to it about 7 times a day…everyday. The song’s meaning isn’t what gets me, it’s the way she actually talks about how its her love for a person that keeps them alive.

My next favorite is Redondo’s Every Single Piece (LVNDSCAPE Remix). I spent SERIOUS time looking for this exact song. Every single time (pun intended) I play this for someone, whether it’s my dad, a cousin, a friend…they stop and tell me how much they like the song. It’s one of those feel good songs. I genuinely can’t wait to be on a beach this year, drink in hand, blasting this song. It’s just good feels all around.

Here are some other favorites and why I like them:

Childish Gambino – LES // It’s not just the hook, the hook is a given. It’s the bridge. Childish Gambino takes a second and reflects on the relations he had with a girl he once considered to be the “baddest.” He ends it by sharing his hurt feelings and stating:

“Ooh girl, I wanna try
I’m an awful guy and I’m always away
And I’m tryin’ to say
I’m a piece of shit
Believe in this
I’m tellin’ you
Cause we barely knew, what we had
I’m not that bad, the fun we had

Gucci Mane feat. Drake – Both // Let me preface this with saying I am not a Gucci Mane fan. On that note though, I am definitely a Drake fan…ALWAYS. It’s one of those songs that clearly let’s you know that when a song says “feat. Drake” it usually means “This is Drake’s song now.”

Zimmer feat. Emilie Adams – Escape // This is another feel good song. A Friday night song. A song to get you through traffic and actually enjoy yourself while doing so. My favorite line, one that seems to be rather profound, is when she says “Tell me to breathe, yet you take my oxygen.” She talks about escaping something much bigger than herself.

Big Sean – Bounce Back // If you know me, then you know exactly why I even like this song! It’s one of those — WINDOWS DOWN, MUSIC BLASTING kind of songs 🙂 The main reason why I like this song is because he states that people change more than wishing wells – their allegiance constantly switches and they can’t remain loyal to one side. He let’s it be known that karma will come around and he wishes them well when it does. BEST LINE.

Last, but definitely not least…one of my all time favorite songs EVER…

Manila Killa feat. Satica – Youth // It’s special to me for so many reasons. Don’t let the lyrics throw you, this is honestly just one of my favorite songs of all time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I hope you all take the time to either add all of these songs to one of your Spotify playlists or at least check them out. Each of these songs are currently in my JANUARY 2017 Playlist and may even make it on to the February 2017 Playlist if I don’t play them out by the month’s end. If you choose to listen to 3 of the 7 songs I just mentioned, please choose:

Niia – Body

Redondo – Every Single Piece (LVNDSCAPE Remix)

Manila Killa feat. Satica – Youth

Are there any songs you’d like to share? I am ALWAYS interested in new music! XO


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