I noticed over the past two weeks that every single one of my friends and family members were going through something — family issues, boyfriend issues, best friend issues…you name it. Because I am not a therapist or emotionally-sound enough to give proper advice, I looked into seven different ways in which all of us can create a better day, and life, from here on out. Let’s dedicate 2017 to being kinder to ourselves and those around us, Lord knows we could all use a little love.

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Before you read on, make a couple of promises to yourself: Don’t take yourself too seriously, keep a positive attitude, and let go of any unproductive thoughts that may deter you from any goals you set today.

Here we go…

1. Just smile.

It’s literally the easiest thing you can do as human. It’s infectious and I swear on my life, it can make a world of difference.

2. My life, my rules.

No matter what mantra(s) you turn to, perhaps the most powerful notion and common thread between all of them is realizing you are in control. Your thoughts, moods, reactions, behaviors and decisions all lie within your power. Which, when you really sit back and think about it — control — it’s a beautiful thing that no one else gets to have, but you.

3. Make a genuine difference.

Taking care of yourself and nurturing who you are as an individual is just as important as taking care of business at work. To make a difference in your life, or in anyone’s life, you have to work on being sure of who you are. Not only will it help you be more productive, but by taking time from your day to celebrate the things that make you who you are outside of the office, you will remain inspired as well.

4. No negative thinking. 

Life is like a mirror; we get the best results when we smile.  So talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.  Just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing.  Every great success requires some type of worthy struggle to get there.

5. Stop comparing.

Social comparison is the thief of happiness.  You could spend a lifetime worrying about what others have, but it wouldn’t get you anything. I personally have a major issue with this when I see many bloggers gaining a mass following (and quickly); I start to wonder where I am going wrong. Because I know this about myself, I’ve gotten pretty good at talking myself down 🙂

6. Stop worrying about mistakes you’ve made.

It’s OK if you mess up; that’s how you get wiser.  Give yourself a break.  Don’t give up.  Great things take time, and you’re getting there.  Let your mistakes be your motivation, not your excuses.  Decide right now that negative experiences from your past won’t predict your future. And remember, always remember, if something is meant to be yours, it will always come back to you.

7. No temporary fixes.

You can’t change what you refuse to confront.  You can’t find peace by avoiding things.  Deal with problems directly before they deal with your happiness.


Sending you all some extra love today! XO

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