The weather outside is so beyond beautiful today my heart is literally bursting. LOL. I wanted to share another MUSIC post today. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time at the yoga studio, taking different classes with different instructors. Needless to say, my favorite class is anything Victoria (one of my good friends) teaches. With that being said, the best part of yoga for me is the music. I happen to be so lucky when it comes to the instructors I pick…they all have bomb playlists. I compiled a list on Spotify called “YOGA 2017” – you can find me by searching for “natashatadros.” Feel free to check out all the amazing songs on that specific playlist. It’s a compilation of songs from July 2015-until now. (Side note: I started yoga back in July of 2015 and I haven’t looked back).

My favorite songs are usually the ones that remind me of Victoria’s classes, mainly because she’s the greatest instructor of all time. LOL. Feel free to add some of these songs to your workout playlist for a good warm up/cool down. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Bonobo – Kerala
  2. Chet Faker – No Diggity
  3. Aaliyah – Back & Forth
  4. Saje – Lost Tonight
  5. ODESZA – How Did I Get Here
  6. Marian Hill – Breathe Into Me  (Victoria’s warm up song)
  7. ODESZA – Say My Name (Victoria’s song choice when I’m about to die 🙂 )
  8. Gorgon City – Imagination (One of my favorites that Victoria plays for the ABS segment LOL)
  9. Beyonce – XO (Victoria’s cool down song)

I hope you all have an AMAZING week filled with lots of light and laughter. XO

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