The first month of 2017 is GONE! Ready to get relaxed? Try getting organized first. I am all about my new zen lifestyle. Yoga, being artsy LOL, hanging out with my nieces and nephews…all of it is so enriching. Before I started getting out there and doing all the fun stuff, I got real. I organized, rearranged and found my ZEN. Here are 17 tips to get organized and GET ZEN in 2017.

  1. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from junk mail. #gamechanger
  2. Clean out your desk drawer. Only put essentials back in and trash the rest.
  3. Put all of your travel products into one case instead of randomly stuck all over your bathroom.
  4. While you’re at it, find cute bins at Home Goods for your bathroom. I have several bins now: A hair bin with hot tools and brushes. A skincare bin filled with BOSCIA. And a makeup bin!
  5. Keep a couple reusable bags in your trunk for groceries and errands.
  6. While watching TV, grab your computer and go through old files, pictures, etc. Do the same with your phone. Clear up that memory and data!
  7. Open your fridge and pantry – clear it out!
  8. Set up a MINT account and forget missing any monthly bills. MINT will alert you when it’s time to pay them!
  9. Each Sunday, write a grocery list and meal schedule.
  10. Clean out your sock and bra drawer. I have so many “sexy” bras I never wear. BYE BYE. LOL.
  11. Do you really need 865 pens? Pick your favorites, live minimally. I’m all about that minimalist lifestyle these days.
  12. Look in your medicine cabinet—I guarantee there’s expired medicine in there. Stock up on what you’ve thrown out.
  13. Look at your calendar and plan out haircuts and any other personal maintenance appointments – that includes massages, facials, mani/pedi’s, etc.
  14. Figure out a skincare routine that works for you, and only keep those products. I will be sharing my skin routine soon – everyone keeps saying I’m glowing. So it’s either the yoga or the BOSCIA 🙂
  15. Go through your social media platforms and unfollow the accounts you don’t care about.
  16. Speaking of social media, take a hiatus all together. Nothing feels better than not having your phone on you.
  17. Lastly, BUY CANDLES. I know this has nothing to do with getting organized but it has everything to do with finding your zen. I love candles, incense, sage, etc. I usually stick to candles because incense can be messy. If you’re into candles the way I am, make sure to check out dyptique Paris candles. A-MAZ-ING.



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