Shout out to Beyonce and her two twins! LOL. I actually love her song Get Me Bodied though. Anyways! Onto why I am writing this post though…BODYSUITS. I LOVE a good bodysuit. Mainly because I love to tuck my shirt into high wasted denims and know that my shirt is not going anywhere, getting loose or coming undone…you get it. 🙂

I have bodysuits that I’ve bought for $8.99 and some that I’ve bought $48.99…it all varies. My favorite way to style a bodysuit is in high waisted denims…I feel like you can only have so much sexy in one outfit LOL. The go-to question/answer for me when putting together a look: Are you showing legs? Don’t show your arms. Are you wearing a revealing top? Don’t show your legs. I like mixing a sexy top with denims because I like that cool factor. I’d much rather look like a cool girl than a sexy woman. LOL.

Below are some bodysuits I currently have my eye on. Also, check out some photos here to see how I’ve styled bodysuits recently! XO.







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