The month is basically over and I’ve blogged all of FOUR times this month. Honestly, for a blog to really be successful…you need a great social media following and great content. Not to mention, you have to be somewhat interesting or at least share interesting things. I think the sweet spot for blogging is posting about 2-3 times a week. Well, I blogged once a week this month. The honest truth is, this month has been so profoundly life changing for me. It’s as if there’s been a shift. January was so exciting and February has just been SO calm (minus work). And I love it. I haven’t gone to a bar/club/etc all of 2017 – yea, yea it’s only been two months whatever. But shit, I’ve barely made it to a restaurant lol. I have had zero urge to even be out amongst people lol. I have spent the past two months painting, reading like crazy, journaling, watching great movies and just catching up on those zZz’s! All solo projects.

I’ve also spent 2017 having real conversations with friends and family, talking things through, nurturing good friendships and family ties. I have focused so much on the love that surrounds me everyday. To say I am blessed isn’t going to cut it. I am so grateful each and every morning. I called my best friend the other day and had a full on conversation while I was searching through Whole Foods for some good vitamins…we were cracking up at this new shift in my life — this is my life now and I love it lol.

It has been really relaxing and really refreshing, but in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about this blog like crazy.

  • Where is it going?
  • What am I doing with it?
  • What’s my edge?
  • Who’s my target audience?
  • Why are my stats still golden while I’m not posting shit?

It’s annoying. I have worked 50+ hour weeks and I’ve managed to spend more nights in a hotel in February than I have in my own bed. I never thought I’d be traveling this much for work. The solitude of a hotel room and not having to worry about anything except what to order for food has been nice…but uhhh…TRAVELING IS EXHAUSTING. I literally kicked my suitcase the other day. I’ve never lived on my own and hotel living has taught me one thing, I am a super silent person who doesn’t like a lot of noise when I’m alone lol. I never had the TV on once, I brought more books than clothes, and I only listened to my YOGA playlist on Spotify lol. The peace was just something I needed. Living at home, there’s always background noise. Living in a hotel room…there’s nothing. There’s silence. And the noise you decide to make…which in my case was Spotify and the flipping of pages.

Things are slowing down a little bit and I just wanted to take the time to thank every single reader who manages to keep checking this while I figure me out. I haven’t posted in two weeks and I promise you that everyday I am wondering “WTF am I doing?” Lol. At the same time though, this blog means a lot to me…I created it two years ago with a certain vision and completely flipped the script last year. Needless to say, my blog flourished once I started blogging about things I wanted to blog about. I guess that’s all it really took — honesty + the real me.

I end this by saying that I won’t be gone for much longer, I am working on content as we speak. I have been really MIA because I haven’t had much to say and everything I have written, has been in a journal.

It’s the honest truth. I have managed to post many pictures on Instagram and connect with many more bloggers this year. When someone says they like the aesthetic/vibe of my Instagram, I literally CRY TEARS OF JOY inside. Lol. I never considered myself to a be a creative person so when anyone compliments a photo I’ve taken, etc…I swoon.

Just stick with me and don’t unsubscribe just yet. I am only two months into 2017 and I promise I am going to WOW you this year. ULTRAGOLDENLOVE was a concept that I thought of in March of 2015 and I plan on explaining everything + the name soon too. Until then, I am sending good vibes, lots of light and so much love to you all. XO!

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