Happy Monday! Today, I realized that I am exactly 3 months away from turning 28 years old! I know a lot of people don’t like getting older but I REALLY do. I feel way more settled in the person I am today than I was even a year ago! I have found that life keeps getting better and I’m so much more motivated. I hear a lot of people talk about how much they hated their 20s and how amazing their 30s are — awesome! — that just means it only gets better from here.

Below are 28 things you may or may not know about me…Enjoy! 🙂

  1. I am obsessed with numerology. Numbers are everything (which is hilarious to me because I hate math).
  2. I never went to Pre-K or daycare…So when I got to kindergarten I used to cry every single morning when my mom would drop me off — brutal!
  3. I would like to think I am a good flyer now, but really, it varies…by flight. LOL
  4. I had a 5th birthday party and a 27th birthday party. All other birthdays in between were mini events with family. Needless to say, my golden birthday (September 5th, 1994) WAS SUCH A HIT. My 27th birthday was a mix of both. I started the morning in tears over the proper theme decorations and ended the night so grateful, excited and HAPPY.
  5. I’m obsessed with babies. My friends, coworkers, and family members send me pics of babies all the time. Everyone is well aware of this obsession.
  6. I’m a Virgo and I am SUCH a believer in astrology and the zodiac. You might even catch me basing my life’s decisions on whether Mercury is in retrograde or not.
  7. I am a valley girl THROUGH AND THROUGH and I would not change that for the world. Ventura Blvd. alone is reason enough to NEVER move.
  8. I am all about new beginnings. New week, new month, new year, etc. I love a fresh start and I take it super seriously.
  9. I am a planner. Everything is structured and organized. I just like to be prepared, really.
  10. I have two dogs named Bentley and Bugatti. Bentley is a white Maltese and Bugatti is Bichon-Poodle mix. Bentley does not like to be touched and Bugatti LOVES to cuddle. They are polar opposites and potentially hate each other, but its okay because they are the greatest. I also have a third dog named Ryder who lives with me part-time. He is 100% my baby and could very well be my biological son in dog form. He’s a mini Labradoodle and he is the greatest little thing I have ever seen. He definitely loves his dad more than me, BUT…his dad chose him, takes care of him full time, AND IS WAY MORE FUN…so I’ll let his dad have this one.
  11. Speaking of dogs, my dad NEVER wanted dogs in the house and he now sleeps with two dogs in his bed. You win some, you lose some.
  12. I went to Cancun on 7/7/2007 after I graduated high school and it is, until today, the greatest vacation I have EVER been on. I still talk about it…all the time.
  13. This year is my 10 year high school reunion and I feel like I just graduated yesterday. Either way, I am really excited to see all of my friends in a few months!
  14. My best friend has been my best friend since I was 6 years old. This year we’ll be celebrating 21 years of friendship. We met in summer school so every summer we celebrate our Friendsversary.
  15. I don’t like alcohol. I have never liked it. I do occasionally have a glass…or five…of rosé. Champagne and rosé. Count me in.
  16. I consider my brother’s fiancé my sister. I am so glad he chose her.
  17. I graduated high school at 17, college at 21, and received my Masters when I was 23. I took a year off and did some traveling…I happened to take a short trip to Europe with my best friend during that time as well…It was FABULOUS.
  18. My first job ever was at Abercrombie Kids when I turned 16.
  19. One time I was reading a magazine at the grocery store and walked out holding it…AKA I STOLE SOMETHING…when I got to the parking lot, I got SO scared, I started running.
  20. I’ve known my boyfriend since I was 16 years old and he’s one of the smartest human beings I know. He’s also really cool…and cute. And a good puppy dad. And SO much more.
  21. Speaking of my boyfriend, when I met him, my friends and I thought he was so cool that when he drove past us and waved…we all screamed in unison. RELAX, YO.
  22. My brother and I are 14 months apart and he thought we were twins up until a few years ago. I still laugh every time I think about it. I am currently CRYING LAUGHING as I type this.
  23.  I have one sibling, my brother Sterling, but my parents/aunts and uncles have instilled in me that my two older cousins, Cookie and Taleen, are my sisters. The three of us have ran with it ever since.
  24. My mom is my best friend. And that is that.
  25. I love hot weather and I worship the sun. There isn’t a vitamin in the world that can give me the energy that the sun gives me.
  26. I used to never like candy when I was younger and I now live for a good piece of candy. I like Mike and Ike’s, Sour Patch and Boston Baked Beans. I also like Twix, Snickers and Big Hunk’s. MMMMMMM!
  27. Beyoncé and I are both Virgos, she’s born on the 4th and I am born on the 5th. She is Sasha fierce and I am Tasha fierce…obviously.
  28. My favorite movie of all time is My Father the Hero…a MUST watch!


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