For. The. Love. Of. Jewelry!

Sometimes I forget how much I love jewelry. I see my mom sleeping in some of her jewelry (wedding band, earrings, a necklace, etc.) and I am rather impressed. The wedding ring I get, but everything else just seems like a lot! Nevertheless, I really do LOVE jewelry sometimes, especially dainty pieces. I am a sucker for yellow and rose gold, but lately, I am loving white gold just as much. I think it’s important to dress up outfits with a good pair of earrings or a choker. I think fashion embodies more than clothes and shoes — there’s jewelry, makeup, hair and even nail polish if we’re getting really detailed here! Check out some of my favorite pieces below! XO

Dana Rebecca Diamond Initial Ring


I’m all about initials right now. Especially my boyfriend’s initials. It doesn’t hurt that his initials are the abbreviation for Cali 🙂

Gucci Double-G Stud Earrings


I was never a huge Gucci lover, but once I got my bag and my Gucci Princetowns, I became obsessed. I now have a matching cardholder (thanks CA) that I love just as much!

Gucci Double-G Stack Ring


What’s better than a little matchy matchy? This ring with the matching earrings above works for me!

Monica Vinader ‘Siren’ Medium Semiprecious Stone Stacking Ring 


This rose gold and blue lace agate combo is everything. I have no real method when it comes to jewelry, some days I have a set and sometimes I just LOVE a good mix and match.

Zoe Chicco Turquoise Stacking Ring


It’s tiny and I love it! I know this is a stackable ring but, for me, I’d much rather wear it alone on my middle finger.

Michael Kors Interlocking Logo Ring Pendant Necklace


I really love rose gold. It’s quite apparent at this point. I like this piece because the rings interlock, yet it’s still dainty AND it happens to be on sale right now 🙂  Check it out and grab one!

Marchesa Chandelier Earrings


These Marchesa earrings! Swoon! I am not big on wearing a necklace and earrings together if the earrings are this fab – but! With earring this fab, what else would you need?

Happy Summer babies!

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