Where did Summer go?

We’re about three weeks away from the Fall season and I wanted to share my favorite songs of the Summer. I love music – all music – and I thought I’d share my favorites from the last 3 months. I heard the VMAs we’re on last night? How did I miss that?!

This has been such an incredible Summer for me and I love having a soundtrack to my life…so thank you Spotify for keeping all of my playlists in order! I narrowed it down to 12 songs – and I love ALL of them. There are so many more songs (many personal ones that probably aren’t that popular, that I decided to keep off the list) but I am pretty sure everyone has heard these 12!

Click below to listen to my favorites of the season. XO

  1. Wild Thoughts
  2. Unforgettable
  3. Magnolia
  4. Despacito
  5. It Ain’t Me
  6. Crying in the Club
  7. First Day Out
  8. Redbone
  9. Signs
  10. Blem
  11. Mask Off
  12. LOVE

Feel free to share yours below 🙂

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