Happy February! Every month I try to put out some items that I have my eye on. I think it’s good to constantly be on the lookout for what’s on-trend. I decided to switch it up this month – no clothes! Take a look below at my February “wants”—keep in mind that I actually have a few of these items but I feel like they’re perfect for the season (i.e. pink shoes)! I hope you’re all enjoying 2018 so far – month 1 is already out of the way…11 more to go! Sending good vibes always. XO

I already have this bag in black – thanks CA – but I can’t even tell you how much I love it. I used it as my carry on for Miami, I use it for yoga and it’s a great bag to bring with me when I am spending the day with my boyfriend and we have a workout, plus an event, plus chill time (gotta have an outfit for everything!).


2204-Dawn Oxford-1bf50bf4-

I love this shoe! Just in time for Valentine’s Day with the pretty pink color. I have recently gotten into Adidas and I am now a big fan of shoes that look just like this. I am not super sporty but I love a sporty casual look.



Jewelry is always fun. I LOVE stackable rings- mainly because they’re super dainty and you don’t have to wear all three at once. These are from Etsy but Nordstrom has a great collection of fine jewelry with many different stackable rings.



How are your 2018 goals coming along? I found myself going over my 2018 goals today – one month later – and let’s just say…I need to be checking that list way more often. If you’re like me and love a good agenda, I recommend this one. There’s an exercise section, a budget section, plus the general calendar, etc. I love agendas – I have like 36 and end up using all of them. LOL



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