We are halfway through the year and I set some “simple resolutions” that I could keep all year long. I wanted to let you know how I’ve done so far (LOL don’t judge me)

  1. Work on my posture. MUST work on this – such a small but BIG change.
  2. Start applying eye cream before bed. I do this…sometimes.
  3. Quality over quantity. This is something I 100% need to work on – especially when it comes to spending time.
  4. Add veggies to each meal. I am not bad at this! I have started adding mushrooms, broccoli (yuck) and asparagus to a lot of my meals!
  5. Try one new workout class each month. OKAY STRAIGHT SLACKING ON THIS ONE. So I guess that means I’ll just try SIX new workout classes in June? LOL
  6. Add SPF and moisturizer to face daily. I’m on it!
  7. Give up tech for an hour before bed. I have been pretty good about this, I bought 5 new books and I spend every night (and some mornings) reading before bed.
  8. Look at my bank statement once a week. Yes! Check!
  9. Take daily vitamins and a probiotic. I was doing this until I realized my vitamins might be giving me anxiety – so vitamins are on pause for now.
  10. Watch TV shows that teach you something. Leave it to CA when it comes to this one – my documentary connoisseur – he has me watching the most interesting documentaries, I swear. And it’s great because learning something versus watching reality TV is crucial to my development and growth as I get older.

How are your 2018 resolutions coming along? XO

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