It’s JUNE on Friday! I wasn’t going to let this month slip by without some blog posts so be ready for a few emails to pop up in your inbox this week. I wanted to start with the most important day in May for me – my anniversary. 2017 was life changing for me – a lot of new and exciting changes were happening for me and this year I finally get to look back and celebrate all of them. One of them being my one year anniversary with CA. I truly believe a lot of my personal growth comes from witnessing our own growth together. Emotional intelligence and support, communication, appreciation and love…lots of love: that’s where we are at right now. I am so grateful for everything CA is…and is becoming. I learn from him every single day – not just as his girlfriend, but as his friend and his peer. So this anniversary was so special for me. It wasn’t just a culmination of our past year together – but the culmination of knowing someone for over a decade and being able to get to know him on a deeper level and just love him with no inhibitions. He’s a dream, but I can go on and on. I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Catalina. He gave me a couple days’ notice (GOD BLESS – girls, you already know we need an outfit, a nail appointment, etc.) to prep for our day trip. I had never been to Catalina and I absolutely LOVED it…being on the island was exactly what we needed. We had incredible meals (steak, tacos, swordfish, ice cream, candy – everything lol), enjoyed a few drinks, rode around in a golf cart ALL over the island and just really spent one on one time together. Nothing beats ditching the cell phone and getting quality time. He probably won’t even see this post because he’s “social media averse” (I think I just created that term) but I wanted to thank him on here anyways.

I am so grateful for you babe – thanks for showing me what it means to LIVE MY BEST LIFE.

See some fun photos below from our one year anniversary getaway!

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