I have found that the past two months have been the hardest months of 2018 so far. Maybe I’m stressed, maybe there’s a lot going…probably all of the above. I have found that when it comes to finding peace – true inner peace – you have to get back to basics. I have a serious question – how do you decompress? I have found that I have a few ways that truly help me relax and find some inner peace.



First things first, yoga. Yoga works for me every single time. I just love that hour of peace. Best part of yoga for me is the hot room and the Odesza soundtrack. I need good music and I love nothing more than a toasty room where I can stretchhh it out.

Sleep. Good old sleep. Sometimes, all you really need is a couple extra hours of shut eye. I noticed that I am definitely more emotional…or more sensitive I should say, when I am tired. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make any decisions too early in the morning or too late at night. LOL.

The DRYBAR is my new safe haven. 45 minutes of straight peace. What’s better than getting a head massage, reading, and looking at yourself 45 minutes later with a perfect head of hair. If you want to know what I ask for at the Drybar, it’s pretty simple: a mai-tai, loose waves, double purple shampoo and texture spray. 🙂

It’s funny that I put this last but it’s 100% my first go-to when it comes to de-stressing. I love hiking alone…except for the other day when I ran into a coyote…but other than that I thoroughly enjoy hiking alone. Sometimes I put headphones on just to pretend I don’t hear anyone but I actually leave the music off just to hear nature…and coyotes and rattlesnakes LOL. For me, hiking is my best bet because I get VITAMIN D. Nothing better than cardio, a good sweat and a TAN.

How do you de-stress? XO


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