Nothing like thinking you’re the only one with a good idea LOL. Last night while watching TV at home with the family, we would randomly step outside into the backyard to check on the moon. Every time we went outside it looked beautiful per usual, but it looked like a regular full moon. I didn’t think much of it and was still super excited for it. Then around 8:45 pm my brother texted me saying “GO LOOK AT THE MOON!” I ran outside. And of course, as soon as I ran out, the moon was nowhere to be found. I went to the front yard and still – nowhere to be found. My dad told me to cross the street, I ran across the street…nothing. At that moment, something came over me and I looked at my parents and said “GET IN MY CAR, WE’RE GOING TO FIND IT.” Don’t ask, I had to see it. I needed to see it. I had read SO much about it all week/weekend.

I told my parents we were driving up to Reseda Point (my one of a kind bright idea). As we were driving, nothing…we couldn’t see it anywhere. Halfway up Reseda, I realized my one of a kind bright idea was also everyone’s else’s idea LOL. As we drove up Reseda with a caravan of cars, we couldn’t find the moon. It wasn’t until the very top that I saw it – clear as ever – I pulled over on the side of the road AS SOON as I saw it. I squealed. It was red, it was orange, it was white…it was beautiful. On my iPhone camera…it was an orange dot LOL.

I jumped out of the car, emotional, looking up and it was as if my mom had heard the thoughts in my head…she walked up to me and said “make sure you say a prayer.” I’m sure she saw it written all over my face. And that’s exactly what I did, I looked up to the moon as if it were God himself and I prayed. Harder than I’ve prayed in a very, very long time. 9:05 PM – just the moon and I. I prayed for everyone I love, my pets and their well-being, my life…and I just thanked God for the moment. I don’t know much at all, but I know one thing is for certain, God works fast…even when it feels slow. You just have to believe.


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