Happy final day of April everyone! I wanted to share a few life updates really quickly before I get into my May intentions:

  • Career update: I have been WORKING. I am happy to say that I am working on my very own venture that I can’t wait to share more about soon.
  • New books: I am currently reading a few books that I wanted to share with you – Contagious by Jonah Berger, The Power of Now (yes, again!) by Ekhart Tolle and Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. IF you haven’t read any of these three books yet – please do!
  • New obsession: Oatly oat milk. Seriously, just try it!
  • Favorite activity ATM: hiking, whenever I can. Seriously, it’s been my favorite thing since…forever…but with all the flowers blooming recently, it’s just a beautiful thing to experience.
  • Currently excited for: Summer! Just ANYTHING summer. I am so over cold, gloomy weather.

April has been a really interesting month for me, a lot of new routines, lots of holiday/birthday plans, busy weekends and not a lot of down-time. May is looking no different ATM but the silver-lining in all of it is that I am PRESENT for all of it. I’ve made the effort to really be off my phone recently and just enjoy the people I’m with. It sounds so cliche but I can’t even explain how EASY it is for me to pick up my phone whenever there’s a lull in conversation…I am just NOT doing that anymore. I have spent all of my weekends with family and friends just enjoying their presence.

I have also realized something pretty profound over the past month, it’s nothing super major just something that I’m learning to accept. Recently, I have stopped putting effort into anything that isn’t reciprocated – whether that’s reaching out to people, trying to extend an olive branch to renew a friendship, spending time…etc. I just don’t have time for fake anything, I am trying to be better and that includes not spending time with anyone who makes me feel like we are acting when we’re hanging out. It’s tough, it’s honestly an ongoing battle I have because it’s so much easier to let it be versus address the issue with friends, family, etc…but I just don’t have the energy to address issues with anyone who probably can’t meet me in that vulnerable place. Maybe I’ll shift and want to reach out, maybe I won’t. Until then, if you’ve read this far and agree with me or want to talk to me about it – DM me or text me if you have my number! I’m here!

Now, onto my May intentions:

  1. Stay present. [less time on my phone, more time with people I love…including myself.]
  2. Stay grateful. [thank God everyday for every single thing in my life – both good and bad.]
  3. Get active. [workout, girl! Summer is coming!]
  4. Live fearlessly. [don’t allow fear to paralyze me.]
  5. Focus on self-love. [what makes me happy? do more of that.]

Do you have any May intentions/goals that you’re setting for tomorrow? If so, drop a comment below or DM me on IG so we can hold each other accountable. XO.

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