Hi everyone, I’m happy to report that another quick podcast episode was recorded this week. This one is about turning 30, what I want to change, what makes me mad, etc etc etc LOL. One of the questions was “when was the last time you cried” and I realized – although my vacation to Mexico was fabulous – I definitely had a mini meltdown before I left. It’s crazy how easily you’re able to check in with yourself when presented with a list of questions. These questions were from The Accessorist’s blog post about turning 30 – she turned 30 a few months ago and I decided to use her questionnaire. It was fun and honestly pretty insightful for me.

Now that I am back from Mexico, I did want to share a few photos. I really loved Todos Santos – it was secluded, chill and the weather was beautiful. Our hotel was beyond-gram-worthy and the girls I traveled with were fun and inspiring; I can’t wait to hang out with them again. Check out a few pics below and make sure to check out my latest podcast episode as well!


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