Happy Thursday! Super excited to be sharing this blog post with you all about my favorite podcasts. It’s really cool to listen to podcasts now that I understand the thought and effort that goes into recording one. I do my best to listen to certain podcasts every week – not just to gain insight – but to also follow along and stay up to date with the people who record them.

Recently, I listened to a podcast episode by Joel Osteen…I really like Joel; I listen to him on satellite radio and I enjoy his sense of humor. The most recent episode was titled “It’s Not Over” and it was just what I needed. I spent my 30 minutes in Laurel Canyon traffic listening to him and it really livened up my mood. I think it’s good to have an array of different people you listen to – Joel is religious/spiritual, Ed Mylett is motivating, goop (GP) is super health conscious and Sophie Jaffe (IGNTD) is super raw and inspiring.

I think there’s a podcast for any and every mood you’re in and I wanted to share some of my favorites down to the episode. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at ultragoldenlove@gmail.com. I’d love to know more about your podcast suggestions and if we listen to any of the same ones!

Ed Mylett Show – Do you need an extra push? Ed is your guy. He is so motivating and at times it seems like he might even be yelling at you LOL but I love it – it’s just the right kickstart you need to start your day or pick up your mood.


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast – Lauren is one of those really HONEST people who says all the things you’re thinking but never say out loud. Her and her husband do such a great job of bantering back and forth and feeding off of each other’s energy – they interview some great people and truly do a great job at getting all the juicy, need to know, questions answered.


The goop Podcast – Whether it’s GP herself or someone else doing an interview – I love how some episodes are literally scientifically-based with REAL data. My favorite episode so far is called “How to Prototype Your Life” where they interview someone named Dave Evans who is a coauthor and mastermind behind the Stanford Program that teaches students how to figure out LIFE.


The IGNTD Podcast – If you’re at a crossroads in your relationships or at a crossroads with yourself, I highly suggest you listen to Sophie and Adi. A couple who’s literally been through it all, they share the raw details behind infidelity, family life, marriage, addiction and they do it with SUCH grace. I am so moved by their story and their ability to WORK at their relationship so openly. Sophie is easily one of my favorite humans on IG as well 🙂


Joel Osteen Podcast – I am religious, to my core, everything boils back down to GOD. And sometimes, when everything is working AGAINST you, there’s nothing like getting a good check-in with Joel. Sometimes all you really need is a piece of scripture, an uplifting message or a moment of clarity. If you’re looking for some peace of mind during a trying time or some fun humor – check out Joel’s podcast.




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