What a moment. I wanted to be here – I have waited for 30…for a LONG time. I just knew things would fall together…and they have. Without a lot of thought – but always with a lot of effort and intention. I have to be honest, that whole “effortless” vibe just isn’t me. Everything in my life – everything I put my heart and soul into (family, friends, work, play…honestly, all of it) – takes effort.

A week shy of turning 30 I passed my real estate exam, the same day I hung my license with my brokerage ELEVATE HOMES and managed to snag my first client – MY BEST FRIEND. I haven’t even had my license for a month and this “job” has been the most fun, rewarding and exhausting LOL. I’m happy though – I went to a family dinner on my actual birthday and there was a live band playing none other than THE GIPSY KINGS…as our night was coming to a close my mom had requested for them to play Bamboleo and if you know anything about my childhood then you know this was one of those ‘almost-in-tears-but-really-just-smiling-ear-to-ear-EXTRA-FUN’ moment where your life comes full circle…from Bamboleo in the crib to Bamboleo at 30 sipping red wine and dancing around with your parents. I am so glad I have that moment on video.

I am genuinely happy – not because everything is going right but because I have made the conscious decision to do better, be better and live better. I can’t wait to show you all what 30 is going to look like for me – it’s like my life is just beginning. I am SO grateful and I am SO excited.

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