I made the best (in my opinion LOL) Cajun shrimp tacos tonight! I got a few messages regarding what I put in them and decided to share the EASY/healthy recipe here. In the words of one of my good FIT friends: "Eating well doesn't have to suck!" LOL. What you'll need (Feeds two, two tacos [...]


And just like that! The new year is upon us. 2018 was not the best for me but I definitely had some AMAZING moments. I am beyond excited to start this new year fresh - I'm inspired, excited and determined to have a better year this year. I usually take January 1st off to get [...]


I am thankful ALL DAY EVERY DAYYY but I truly enjoy this holiday the most. It's not about presents, fashion, resolutions etc. Its just about being with family and friends, showing gratitude, being present and EATING LOL. I feel VERY blessed this year, it's been a very challenging year for me and I'm still very [...]


Turn 29. Chop your hair. Find a new career path. Just a couple of things that are happening at the moment. Happy Fall! As we transition into this new season, I have found myself wondering what this season will have in store for me. I turned 29 two weeks ago and I realized how important [...]