If you’re anything like me you LOVE to read non-fiction. I not only love non-fiction, but I absolutely ADORE self help. ANYTHING self help, count me in. I think my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy at this point but I am straight addicted and I don’t care. Since I spend so much time reading these books, I thought I’d share with you my favorite ones that I’ve read so far. Have you read any of these? If so, which ones did you like?

Each book is linked via Amazon if you want to order any today!

Happy Halloween! XO
















I have found that the past two months have been the hardest months of 2018 so far. Maybe I’m stressed, maybe there’s a lot going…probably all of the above. I have found that when it comes to finding peace – true inner peace – you have to get back to basics. I have a serious question – how do you decompress? I have found that I have a few ways that truly help me relax and find some inner peace.



First things first, yoga. Yoga works for me every single time. I just love that hour of peace. Best part of yoga for me is the hot room and the Odesza soundtrack. I need good music and I love nothing more than a toasty room where I can stretchhh it out.

Sleep. Good old sleep. Sometimes, all you really need is a couple extra hours of shut eye. I noticed that I am definitely more emotional…or more sensitive I should say, when I am tired. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make any decisions too early in the morning or too late at night. LOL.

The DRYBAR is my new safe haven. 45 minutes of straight peace. What’s better than getting a head massage, reading, and looking at yourself 45 minutes later with a perfect head of hair. If you want to know what I ask for at the Drybar, it’s pretty simple: a mai-tai, loose waves, double purple shampoo and texture spray. 🙂

It’s funny that I put this last but it’s 100% my first go-to when it comes to de-stressing. I love hiking alone…except for the other day when I ran into a coyote…but other than that I thoroughly enjoy hiking alone. Sometimes I put headphones on just to pretend I don’t hear anyone but I actually leave the music off just to hear nature…and coyotes and rattlesnakes LOL. For me, hiking is my best bet because I get VITAMIN D. Nothing better than cardio, a good sweat and a TAN.

How do you de-stress? XO



I wanted to share something that I think more people are finally starting to understand. I have found myself spending more time off my phone and just enjoying the moment. I think it’s easy to get caught up wanting to share your life with others especially when you’re doing cool things…but I’m starting to opt out. I love blogging and I LOVE the opportunities that I’ve been presented with over the past year…I feel so blessed. I just really want to protect the people around me, our privacy and the special moments we’re sharing. Everyday isn’t a perfect day but a majority of my life is spent with my family, my friends, my dogs and my boyfriend…AKA perfect to me. When I’m with them I’ve started to pay less attention to my phone and document less. The best part of it all – enjoying the moment, savoring the fun, and cherishing the time.

With that being said, I am not someone who complains a lot publicly so what you’re getting on my IG is almost always a highlight reel. I say this because if I’m at home cooking while my boyfriend is working and can’t be bothered- you’re going to see me cooking the meal…you’re not going to see me pulling my boyfriend away from his desk to eat dinner with me for 30 minutes LOL. I don’t know many people who work harder than CA so I’ve learned to work around his long hours and get in the time whenever we can fit in the time! 🙂

Life happens, work happens, and we’re all trying to spend as much time as possible with the people we love. The reason for this post was just to share that sometimes you can get caught up comparing your life to someone’s Instagram highlight reel and I’m here to tell you there’s one SURE-FIRE-CURE THAT ALWAYS WORKS: get off the phone, enjoy the moment, live a little and LOVE A LOT.



I have been meaning to do a post on my skincare routine for quite some time now. My skin isn’t perfect by any means but I do my best to take good care of it. For starters, I rarely wear face makeup. I am forever in a cat eye and liquid lipstick, but actual face makeup? Rare. Mainly because I have yet to find good enough face makeup that keeps the glowy/dewy look. Before I go into what face makeup I use (when needed), let me share the greatest thing to ever happen to my skin: boscia.

boscia honestly changed my skin. First of all, all of their products expire – that alone should tell you something. All natural, all the time. I use a couple of their products that I am obsessed with (the Purifying Cleansing Gel being my favorite). They also have an Essence Water that I love as well.

Another great brand I swear by is Clinique – their 72 Hour Moisture Surge is my go-to moisturizer. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post (see here) I know that your diet, sleep, and stress levels can all affect your skin – but Clinique and boscia are two brands I absolutely love.

When it comes to make up – I only use ONE liquid foundation and that’s the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – there is nothing better in my opinion. Buildable coverage, great ingredients, and it WON’T break you out! I am currently in the market for a good concealer and would LOVE any suggestions on which ones my readers currently use. If you haven’t tried boscia, PLEASE try it and let me know if you like it! Cheers to happy and healthy skin.



I thought I’d share some of my favorite beauty products at the moment. I think that this year in particular, the weather has been CRAZY. I really needed some extra help in the beauty department and through lots of trial and error – I have found some favorites. See below!

JET LAG FACE MASK – This godsend. This weekend was filled with lots of celebrations, lots of drinks and very little sleep. This mask is my go-to morning mask after a long night of partying.

AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT– I use this on my lips, dry spots on my face, and even on my body. It is such a good THICK healing ointment. I even got CA to buy into it.

BOSCIA PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL – My only facial cleanser. It’s very easy on my face and has no harsh chemicals.

YES TO CUCUMBERS CALMING PAPER MASK – This really goes hand in hand with my Jet Lag face mask. I love this paper mask – mainly because it’s so easy to put on and not messy at all! Once I take this off, my skin is literally GLOWING. I love it – not to mention it’s under $3! 🙂 Thank me later!

AVEENO DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION – My fresh out of the shower go-to lotion. Easy on sensitive skin and super moisturizing.

What are your go-to beauty products at the moment? XO

Happy Monday!


I noticed everyone has a morning routine, day routine, night routine etc. Mine never seems to change so I thought I’d share what a day in the life of ULTRAGOLDENLOVE looks like.

7AM (WAKE UP): light a candle, go through emails, get ready, pour coffee, grab breakfast, and listen to a podcast.

11AM (PICK ME UP): head over to Starbucks for matcha or a snack…or both.

1PM (LUNCH): I always try to make sure I’m eating healthy during the week so I can splurge all weekend LOL. Lunches are usually Whole Foods runs, Chipotle salads, etc.

5PM (AFTER WORK ACTIVITIES): I like to try and squeeze in a workout whenever I can, call friends, have a date night, etc. On days where I am at home relaxing: I read, put on a facemask, watch Blue Bloods (a must) and sometimes listen to a podcast. I have noticed that my night time routine is my favorite. Never underestimate the power of a facemask and a good book LOL. I don’t watch TV unless it’s Blue Bloods or the Food Network. I enjoy reading so much and I love to share the books I read too.

(WEEKENDS) DISCLAIMER: My weekends are for blogging. Content. Content. Content. And more importantly, my weekends are for things I love doing. Saturday morning hikes are a must – it switches up and I LOVE when we bring Ryder boy with us. After our hike, smoothies and bagels are usually our go-to. I like to clean, shoot content and post on IG during the day. Saturday nights are always up in the air – which I love. There’s always something to do. My FAVORITE Saturday night (my favorite kind of night PERIOD actually) is staying in. I LOVE staying in. I don’t like going out that much at all. I don’t mind putting on a good outfit, dinners, etc…But I’d much rather stay in and be comfortable. I truly enjoy a night at home, cooking, watching a good movie, taking the dog on a walk, reading, etc. (I don’t really care how fun I sound, it’s my favorite). I just started cooking and I swear we are cooking gourmet meals lately –clam chowder in a bread bowl, carbonara, clam linguine and tofu stir-fry just to name a few (I’ll make sure to share some recipes soon). If Saturday nights were up to me, it’d be all about QUALITY TIME. Sundays are usually the same except I try to sleep earlier just to get my week started on the right foot. I love planning so I have recently started writing 5 goals for the week. I’ve stuck to my goals this week: hydrating, meditating, and reading were on the list (just to name a few)!

I truly love the way my life is finally coming together after all this time. The only thing missing on my list as of late is yoga. Once I incorporate yoga more often I’ll be good to go. I think it’s important to have a routine for life. I am pretty sure we all have one, we just don’t talk about it too much. I find that sharing my goals, routines and tips have not only helped others but has opened the door for others to share their goals and routines with me. I am constantly tweaking my lifestyle so I welcome the feedback!

Please comment below and share some lifestyle tips! I am always open to new suggestions!


I had to share this because I have decided that this year my blog was going to focus a little more on REAL life. I am currently living up to my goal of one blog post a week and I thought that this post was kind of necessary. January 15th (two weeks into the New Year) I decided I needed a do-over. Let me preface this by saying that my boyfriend and I had an incredible first day of the year. We spent the day together and went to dinner to write out all of our combined goals. The reason I needed a do-over was because there was a lot going on in the first couple of weeks and self-care was out the window. The main thing I want to talk about when mentioning self-care is friendships, relationships – family included — and  everything in between.

I was doing my part throughout all the chaos in the beginning of the year to reach out to everyone and really put in an effort with many people. I was trying anything to make plans, see people, have conversations, etc. Then, my dog passed away. It sounds crazy but even though he was definitely my brother’s dog – this whole situation just had me so upset. I didn’t post about it but then my brother decided to post about it. Immediately we received an outpouring of comments, DMs, texts, etc. It’s crazy how much a dog really is a part of the family and your everyday life. I noticed that people I haven’t talked to just reached out to ask “how he died” and “what was wrong with him” – that annoyed TF out of me. Like “hey, how are you? Where TF have you been?” Then I had the amazing texts from people who just genuinely get it or at least were sympathetic. It really was eye opening: some people are genuinely so caring and nice – some people are just plain nosey. That’s when I made the decision to stop putting in effort. Let me explain – I still put in effort every single day of my life – but now I am only doing it for people who make the same effort. If I am asking to hang out with you for months and you can’t figure it out…bye. If I am only hearing from you to get information on the sickness my dog had…bye. If you can’t even text me back and have a real conversation with some real SUBSTANCE…bye. Since when did emoji’s become a response to things? Over it. And let me just say – NO HARD FEELINGS. I feel WAY better about this. I am just not reaching out. Ball is in their court.

Maybe people will notice, maybe they won’t, maybe we’ve outgrown each other – whatever it may be – I am okay with it. Over the past year (specifically last year) – January 2017 and on—I have remained so very grateful for everything in my life. And I realized that a lot of my efforts with people were just going to waste. I am still so grateful – I have just decided to put my happiness first. I have learned that those who are truly happy in their own lives will be happy for you too. It just is what it is. I have had many times where I’ve been in a shitty situation and have still found true happiness for others – it’s called growth, love, support…you get it. I highly suggest you take the time to reevaluate who is around you and what those people bring to your life. Life is about give and take—I’m done giving freely—some might call it being selfish…I call it SELF CARE. XO




I really want to spend some time (soon!) and write up a blog post about 2017 – it was an incredible year for me and I want to open up about it. I learned a lot about myself last year and as the first week of 2018 has just ended, I wanted to make sure I add some quick advice for the New Year. I told my boyfriend yesterday: 2017 = grow up, 2018 = glow up. LOL but really, I learned so much about myself in 2017 – I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I am just very thankful that throughout the ups and downs (mainly ups) I have remained incredibly grateful and positive. I absolutely loved 2017 and I am so excited for this year.

I wanted to leave you with some advice that I’ve read up on recently. Some quick suggestions to really make the most of your year. Try your best to make sure that 2018 is your best year yet – perspective is E V E R Y T H I NG!


Even if you’re just tackling a messy drawer or one closet a week, start getting your place in order. Seriously—a clean home is a happy home.


Writing or journaling is a great way to process your thoughts and reflect on your life. I write down a lot of things – I just bought a new journal today. I have a million agendas, journals, and places where I write down thoughts, ideas, things that have happened throughout my day, etc.


I took the first 6 days off and managed to get in a light work out today. So necessary! You need to awaken your body. Re-energize and get moving earlier than you would have last year— now that’s an accomplishment to be proud of before the clock’s struck eight!


Meditate, pray, breathe deeply or just enjoy the serenity of soundlessness. Take this time – at any time of day- to recognize all you’ve accomplished. Sometimes, all I say to myself is “thank you, thank you, thank you.” It sounds weird but I am thanking God, the universe, and myself over and over again to make sure gratitude is front and center.


When you feel like you have tons of commitments that aren’t always for you, carve out some time to try a new hobby or pick up an old one. My cousin posted a quick IG story today saying “filling my cup.” She was on a hike without her babies and I got seriously inspired. As a mom of two I am sure it’s hard for her to find me-time – so I really should have no excuse!


The purpose of an intention is to choose an action, feeling or state of mind we wish to cultivate over the duration of our practice. I sat down with my boyfriend on January 1st and set some serious intentions and goals. Nothing better than having someone there to help hold you accountable.

Lastly, I wanted to share some extra goals to keep in mind that are kind of random but still so necessary! 🙂

  • Start budgeting—or continue to do so
  • Learn how to cope with stress
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Drink more water

I hope some of these suggestions help inspire you to have an awesome Monday morning tomorrow and an AMAZING YEAR IN 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR BB’S!



I wanted to check in and share a quick thought with you all…let’s start here: THE. LAST. MONTH. OF. 2017. I can’t even believe it. I have two very special birthdays to celebrate this year before the holidays. And then BOOM – 2018. I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT. I had a conversation with CA last night about where my life was last year and how I was feeling versus how I’m feeling this year. Last year, nothing really seemed to work for me. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t happy with my surroundings and I was constantly on edge. I thrive on structure, consistency and just being in THE KNOW. Looking back, I’m KIND OF mad at myself for taking so long to make major life changes but I am also so grateful for it because I truly value where my life is now. Every single day I am grateful. For my family, for my friends, and most importantly, for my boyfriend. I wake up every morning SO excited. I am so happy about how 2017 has unfolded and I am excited to finish out the year STRONG. I hope that everyone takes a moment to really enjoy this first Monday of December and this LAST MONTH OF 2017!

BTW- THREE WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Who has started decorating? XO

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