The weather in LA has been perfect this week. It’s been three+ months since we were in Miami and I can’t even begin to say how much I miss it! As many of you already know, I am OBSESSED with all things Gray Malin so I decided to share a few of my favorite pieces from his curated collections…this weather has me in the mood! Malin shoots all over the world– in Palm Springs, Italy, Miami Beach (where we stayed), The Hamptons and Park City *to name a few! Our hotel (and the beach we stayed on) in Miami had me feeling like I was living inside of a Gray Malin photo. Looking through these photos just has me wondering what CA has up his sleeve for the next vacay! 🙂

Enjoy the photos below! XO HAPPY APRIL!


Party at the Parker


The Cabana


Champagne in Capri


Miami Beach Sunbathers

TWO LLAMAS WITH PINK BALLOONSTwo Llamas with Pink Balloons




Happy September! Last month my boyfriend and I had a wedding to attend in Utah. Plans changed last minute and he offered me a new trip – a trip to Palm Springs with my family. He knows how much I LOVE Palm Springs and I was genuinely excited. I am always impressed by his ability to take action quickly and change a situation from negative to positive! He told me that he’d put it together if I was able to get everyone on board so I immediately called my brother and then my parents (I waste no time). Once my brother and his fiancé were on board, I called my parents…EVERYONE LOVED THE IDEA! NEXT- We were onto the planning phase! Where were we going to stay?! Leave it to my brother and my boyfriend to find the COOLEST homes for us to choose from. SWOON.

There we were- a week out from family vacay #1! I was ecstatic. This was not only thoughtful on my boyfriend’s end but it was SUCH a GREAT break for me. I hadn’t been on a vacay in a while and I was excited to pack nothing but bikinis.

Next on my list – bikini shopping! I live for a good high waist so I immediately bought 3 bikinis online and rush delivered them 🙂 I honestly didn’t pack anything until the night before but I was so excited nonetheless. We were gone for three days and the vacation consisted of homemade breakfasts, dinners on the Palm Springs strip…and LOTS of sun. Here are just a couple of photos from the trip – I have so many more saved on my phone and many were shared on my instastories!


I also wanted to share some photos of the modern home we stayed in. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Every space in that home was built from my dreams. Clean lines, concrete, and high ceilings. Dream aesthetic!

We played games of pool/Jenga, took lots of fun photos and ate REALLY good food! I can’t wait for the next family trip! XO



I am absolutely in LOVE with the new Target Home Collection. All the new pieces scream INTERIOR GOALS. I wanted to share my five favorite pieces from the collection. I am constantly updating the look in my room–all white everything–as you know…so to find out that Target is now satisfying my CB2 obsession (on a budget!) is amazing.

Check it out! 🙂

Threshold Black Global Oversized Lumbar Pillow, $24.99  – My room is basically white and gold (with some RARE grey and black pieces). This pillow is the perfect pop of color for an all white aesthetic. A cute global touch.image-5

Threshold Sunburst Wall Décor, $24.99  – I have been looking for one of these gold sunbursts for quite some time, but everytime I find one, they’re either too large or too expensive. Under 25 dollars? SOLD.image-4

Threshold Marble Tic Tac Toe Set, $34.99 – So, we already have one of these in our house–golden box, white x’s and o’s…but I am obsessed with marble (see previous post) so this is a must have! image-3Threshold Marble Top Accent Table, $89.99 – What are the odds that I almost bought this exact table for $180 dollars almost 3 weeks ago? Thank God I didn’t, now that extra hundred dollars can go towards my new sunburst and marble tic tac toe set! LOL


Threshold Frosted Grey Fur Stool, $69.99 –  Just some added Nordic style to really tie my LA-mod look together. Global chic, anyone? Plus, this could help my puppy jump on my bed–AKA it’s perfect.


I truly hope you’re all as excited as I am for Target’s…excuse me…TARJAY’S new Home Collection!

marble obsession//we know

Okay FINE. So maybe I am not the only human obsessed with white marble…but I honestly can’t help myself. At one point my phone case was marble, my laptop cover is currently white marble, I find myself looking at white marble side tables…you name it. My room was just recently painted all white while I was out of town (God bless my parents) and I am currently adding gold and rose gold accents to add just a LITTLE pop of color. Nothing feels better to me than a clean, pure, white room. My bed cover, walls, and furniture are all white. I can’t even begin to explain how peaceful it is.

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All White Decor

This week has been a crazy one for me. So many meetings, I presented my marketing plan (and it went well!), I managed to get some proper sleep (thank you Jesus), and I also found some room inspo for this weekend. This weekend I plan on revamping parts of my room to add to my all-white theme. I have spent the whole month of July cleaning my room every chance I get.


I wake up 20 minutes earlier some mornings just to hang clothes, put stuff away and look for more clothing to give away. I am the complete opposite of a hoarder, I am a PURGER. I hate clutter. The only thing I refuse to throw out is the insane amount of books all over my room. I KNOW I will have a library in my house when I get older, I just know it…but until I get my own spot, I will be working on my sweet all-white bedroom. Take a look at some of my favorite design inspo for this weekend’s makeover. Pictures to follow next week! 🙂



White and Gold

I have been changing my room a lot as of late. I started my room off all white…then went to a silver grey bedding to enhance the amazing backdrop of the Flat Iron building behind my bed. I read A LOT, so I found a bed frame that has book shelves for my books. My bed is the greatest invention ever because under the mattress there’s four LARGE drawers where I store all of my stilettos, sandals, boots, booties, etc.! My bed, nightstand and chair are staples in my room…and they’re not going anywhere! But just like everything in life, every once in a while you need a little change 🙂


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