Happy March! I wanted to share a few random facts about me for those of you who are new to ULTRAGOLDENLOVE! Check them out below 🙂

  1. I have a morning routine that never changes. I wake up, check my phone (I rarely hit the snooze button), wash my face, brush my teeth, and do EVERYTHING before I get dressed. I get dressed RIGHT before I walk out the door.
  2. I love chocolate covered strawberries. My favorite thing to do while I’m at the mall is go by the Godiva store and buy milk chocolate covered strawberries so I can shop and eat. LOL. Best part about all of this – my boyfriend brought 4,356 (lol) chocolate covered strawberries to a family BBQ over the summer and I was SO excited. Maybe too excited.
  3. I won Best Hair in high school but lately my hair game has been lacking so I ordered Cocoa Locks chocolate milkshakes. I’ll keep you posted 🙂
  4. I have a Master’s in Public Policy from Pepperdine – Pepperdine was always a dream of mine growing up—I remember riding in the backseat of my parent’s car on our way to the beach…I always knew I’d end up there sooner or later.
  5. I am a total yoga enthusiast. Nothing beats the acro-yoga class I recently took. I highly suggest you try it – especially if you can do it with your S.O.! I also love a good high intensity work out. I never used to do any weight lifting, etc. until I started dating a TRUE athlete. This changed my whole body. In less than a month of him training me, I see and FEEL results that I’ve never seen or felt before.
  6. My room is my favorite place in my house, mainly because it’s painted all white and everything in my room screams “tranquility.” I keep my room clean almost always and I find sanctuary between those four white walls.
  7. My mom is half Argentinian/half Italian and my dad is half Egyptian/half Armenian. My mom was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and my dad was born in Cairo, Egypt. I am Egyptian-Argentinian-Armenian-Italian. Between my parents there are six languages and I speak ONE – ENGLISH.
  8. I taught a college course when I was 25 years old at a University and it showed me how much I truly love being a teacher—in any capacity—especially to college freshman. Another thing it taught me – I love to learn, I learned every day while teaching.
  9. I’m a girl’s girl through and through. I live for girl power – whether it’s a Spice Girls concert or women empowering women at a conference…I’m here for it.
  10. My drink of choice is always rosé. I’m pretty sure it will never change.
  11. I went to Miami last December and I swear my life changed forever. Greatest vacation of all time.
  12. I love interior design – I can’t wait to design my own home. CA has no idea what he’s in store for.





I really want to spend some time (soon!) and write up a blog post about 2017 – it was an incredible year for me and I want to open up about it. I learned a lot about myself last year and as the first week of 2018 has just ended, I wanted to make sure I add some quick advice for the New Year. I told my boyfriend yesterday: 2017 = grow up, 2018 = glow up. LOL but really, I learned so much about myself in 2017 – I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I am just very thankful that throughout the ups and downs (mainly ups) I have remained incredibly grateful and positive. I absolutely loved 2017 and I am so excited for this year.

I wanted to leave you with some advice that I’ve read up on recently. Some quick suggestions to really make the most of your year. Try your best to make sure that 2018 is your best year yet – perspective is E V E R Y T H I NG!


Even if you’re just tackling a messy drawer or one closet a week, start getting your place in order. Seriously—a clean home is a happy home.


Writing or journaling is a great way to process your thoughts and reflect on your life. I write down a lot of things – I just bought a new journal today. I have a million agendas, journals, and places where I write down thoughts, ideas, things that have happened throughout my day, etc.


I took the first 6 days off and managed to get in a light work out today. So necessary! You need to awaken your body. Re-energize and get moving earlier than you would have last year— now that’s an accomplishment to be proud of before the clock’s struck eight!


Meditate, pray, breathe deeply or just enjoy the serenity of soundlessness. Take this time – at any time of day- to recognize all you’ve accomplished. Sometimes, all I say to myself is “thank you, thank you, thank you.” It sounds weird but I am thanking God, the universe, and myself over and over again to make sure gratitude is front and center.


When you feel like you have tons of commitments that aren’t always for you, carve out some time to try a new hobby or pick up an old one. My cousin posted a quick IG story today saying “filling my cup.” She was on a hike without her babies and I got seriously inspired. As a mom of two I am sure it’s hard for her to find me-time – so I really should have no excuse!


The purpose of an intention is to choose an action, feeling or state of mind we wish to cultivate over the duration of our practice. I sat down with my boyfriend on January 1st and set some serious intentions and goals. Nothing better than having someone there to help hold you accountable.

Lastly, I wanted to share some extra goals to keep in mind that are kind of random but still so necessary! 🙂

  • Start budgeting—or continue to do so
  • Learn how to cope with stress
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Drink more water

I hope some of these suggestions help inspire you to have an awesome Monday morning tomorrow and an AMAZING YEAR IN 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR BB’S!


I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend! I spent it watching movies, seeing family and enjoying the rest and relaxation before the holiday craze! As November comes to a close I wanted to take a few moments and share the things I am most thankful for this year. This year has been the best year of my life, I am so thankful for 2017. I am finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be and that alone is enough for me to be thankful for a lifetime. Below are 5 of the things I am most thankful for!


This blog has completely transformed in less than a year. I made my blog public on January 1, 2017 (after spending 6 months trying to perfect it). I made it public with family members mainly and some friends. This blog has now grown to 5,000 followers – I have gained 4,000 followers in a year and I can’t even imagine how much this blog will continue to grow. Daniel Wellington, Smile Brilliant and Bobalu Nuts are just a few of the amazing brands who have worked with me this year. I am so grateful for each and every opportunity that has made its way to me. More importantly, I am thankful for my readers – the people who always comment, DM me, like a photo, or just follow along.  I am truly grateful for each follower because they’re the reason I’m most successful. Special shout out to the new people I’ve met while working on my blog – especially Chelsey Rose – love you girl!


This one is hard for me – mainly because it’s really hard for me to put into words what my family means to me. My parents are gold. They are absolutely the two greatest people I’ve ever met. My mom is my best friend and my dad is my confidante, the rock of the family. They are the glue that has truly molded this nuclear unit which contains my brother, my parents, myself, and the dogs! LOL. My brother is a close second to my parents, which makes sense since he’s 50% my mom and 50% my dad. He is so thoughtful and truly the joy of our family – so funny and carefree. My sister-in-law is my best friend. I tell her everything, I confide in her when I’m having any issues even though she’s two years younger than me. I am so excited for my brother’s wedding. Fun fact – I went with her to see her wedding dress before ANYONE! SO EXCITING. My cousins are the built in friends that I choose to hang out with more than anyone – we all grew up basically the same and it helps that our parents are all besties too lol. The main reason I love spending time with my cousins is because we spend time laughing about things we used to do or just talking about how great/funny our parents are LOL. Special shout out to Cookie, Taleen, JYB and RB! ❤


Where do I even begin? The only regret I’ll ever have in life is not dating you sooner. What a dream you’ve been. In all seriousness, my boyfriend has completely transformed my life, he’s taken me to places I’ve never been before this year, shared some unforgettable experiences and most importantly – been the number one supporter of my life both professionally and creatively. CA, you are the smartest human being I know, so successful and SO HANDSOME. Not to mention you are the greatest puppy dad ever. Thank you for making all of my dreams (both big and small) come true! I am so excited for the rest of 2017 and our future. 2018 is going to be magical.


I have spent this whole year reconnecting with friends. Luckily for me, I have amazing friends. Last year, my job alone took up most of my life and I spent very little time with friends. This year, all of my friends have made an effort to have dinners/lunches/brunches with me! Most importantly, I have spent this past year introducing my boyfriend to all of these amazing souls that I have known for quite some time. This year was also my 10 year high school reunion and I reconnected with so many old friends and I am so excited to plan more dates with all of them!


I have three amazing little pups – Bentley, Bugatti, and Ryder. Bentley is the OG, he’s getting old and it is so sad because he was our first pup! He is the CUTEST most regal puppy who managed to never chew or break anything – a real angel. I was super young when we got him and he instantly connected with my brother who chose him. He is a boy’s boy – he loves my brother and dad. Bugatti, our girl, was such a blessing for me. We rescued her when she was about 3 and although we didn’t have her as a puppy she totally made herself comfortable in our home right away. She’s wayyyy crazier than Bentley and she definitely isn’t as well behaved but she’s my homegirl for life. Lastly, my first baby I get to call my own, Ryder. I met Ryder the day after his dad picked him up. Within weeks he spent the weekend with me and then another week with me while his dad was in New York. Sometimes he spends the night but really, this is my first real puppy. I’ve never been a dog mom until now and I truly enjoy it. I love that he needs me and gets excited to see me. He has truly deepened the bond between his dad and I too – our own little family.

This year has been nothing short of epic and I am realizing that my life is JUST starting!

What are you thankful for this year? XO


TRAVEL BUCKET LIST – “Not all those who wander…”

I am sure everyone has their fair share of places that they want to visit. Wanderlust is a real thing and I find myself wanting to leave the country every couple of years! 🙂  Here are some places I really want to visit and why: Zakynthos, Greece; Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France (specifically); Marrakesh, Morocco; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janiero, Brazil; and Sicily, Italy.

Read + check out pics below as I share why these six places are on my travel bucket list!

1. Zakynthos, Greece—this is the ultimate honeymoon destination for me. Santorini, Athens, Mykonos—all stunning…but have you seen Zakynthos?! I truly believe that paradise is on earth and it’s located in that clear blue water.


2. Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, France—this incredible hotel is strictly a tumblr-esque want of mine. I have never been big on Pinterest, but Tumblr…I am all about it. Whenever I would see photos of du Cap-Eden Roc I would continuously wonder where this marvelous place was. Then in 2011, I saw photos posted on a friend’s social media site; I was absolutely stunned by it. She posted photos in front of the long driveway into the hotel and I was swooning over the chateau-esque vibe. It has become even more famous than ever due to IG fashion bloggers and the Cannes Film Festival, but seeing her personal photos showed me, I too, would love it.


3. Marrakesh, Morocco—thriving souks, palaces and mosques adorn Morocco. I still put Moroccan pillows in my room just to dress up the neutral vibe. I really just want to go to Marrakesh for the amazing marketplaces, spices, shopping…and of course…so I can eat a meal on the floor with my hands!


4. Buenos Aires, Argentina—I’ve been to Egypt twice (father was born there), but I have not been to Argentina. One of the reasons why Buenos Aires is on my list is because my mother was born in Buenos Aires and lived there through her childhood. The way she speaks about Buenos Aires is amazing, I would never want to go there without her. When I went to Egypt, I found that half the reason why I even loved it so much was because my father was busy telling me stories about different buildings, beaches and cities. I’ve been told Buenos Aires is the city for me; I can’t wait to visit…with my mama in tow.


5. Rio de Janiero, Brazil—the Christ the Redeemer statue alone will put me on that 10+ hour flight to Rio. Something about watching soccer as a child—the yellow and green jerseys, my mom speaking about her father speaking Portuguese and the way the soccer players all had golden brown skin made me think it was the place to be…but then! Snoop d-o-double g himself came out with a music video for his song “Beautiful.” Sold. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you get on it!


6. Sicily, Italy—my grandmother, my mother’s mother—was born and raised in Sicily. My parents visited Sicily before they were married and they told me all about what an incredible trip they had. My grandmother and great aunt are two of the greatest human beings I know: loud-passionate-loving-forever screaming-hardcore Italian women. If I have the chance to meet more people like them, let alone a whole city filled with synonymous souls, I’m taking it.



Happy Monday! Today, I realized that I am exactly 3 months away from turning 28 years old! I know a lot of people don’t like getting older but I REALLY do. I feel way more settled in the person I am today than I was even a year ago! I have found that life keeps getting better and I’m so much more motivated. I hear a lot of people talk about how much they hated their 20s and how amazing their 30s are — awesome! — that just means it only gets better from here.

Below are 28 things you may or may not know about me…Enjoy! 🙂

  1. I am obsessed with numerology. Numbers are everything (which is hilarious to me because I hate math).
  2. I never went to Pre-K or daycare…So when I got to kindergarten I used to cry every single morning when my mom would drop me off — brutal!
  3. I would like to think I am a good flyer now, but really, it varies…by flight. LOL
  4. I had a 5th birthday party and a 27th birthday party. All other birthdays in between were mini events with family. Needless to say, my golden birthday (September 5th, 1994) WAS SUCH A HIT. My 27th birthday was a mix of both. I started the morning in tears over the proper theme decorations and ended the night so grateful, excited and HAPPY.
  5. I’m obsessed with babies. My friends, coworkers, and family members send me pics of babies all the time. Everyone is well aware of this obsession.
  6. I’m a Virgo and I am SUCH a believer in astrology and the zodiac. You might even catch me basing my life’s decisions on whether Mercury is in retrograde or not.
  7. I am a valley girl THROUGH AND THROUGH and I would not change that for the world. Ventura Blvd. alone is reason enough to NEVER move.
  8. I am all about new beginnings. New week, new month, new year, etc. I love a fresh start and I take it super seriously.
  9. I am a planner. Everything is structured and organized. I just like to be prepared, really.
  10. I have two dogs named Bentley and Bugatti. Bentley is a white Maltese and Bugatti is Bichon-Poodle mix. Bentley does not like to be touched and Bugatti LOVES to cuddle. They are polar opposites and potentially hate each other, but its okay because they are the greatest. I also have a third dog named Ryder who lives with me part-time. He is 100% my baby and could very well be my biological son in dog form. He’s a mini Labradoodle and he is the greatest little thing I have ever seen. He definitely loves his dad more than me, BUT…his dad chose him, takes care of him full time, AND IS WAY MORE FUN…so I’ll let his dad have this one.
  11. Speaking of dogs, my dad NEVER wanted dogs in the house and he now sleeps with two dogs in his bed. You win some, you lose some.
  12. I went to Cancun on 7/7/2007 after I graduated high school and it is, until today, the greatest vacation I have EVER been on. I still talk about it…all the time.
  13. This year is my 10 year high school reunion and I feel like I just graduated yesterday. Either way, I am really excited to see all of my friends in a few months!
  14. My best friend has been my best friend since I was 6 years old. This year we’ll be celebrating 21 years of friendship. We met in summer school so every summer we celebrate our Friendsversary.
  15. I don’t like alcohol. I have never liked it. I do occasionally have a glass…or five…of rosé. Champagne and rosé. Count me in.
  16. I consider my brother’s fiancé my sister. I am so glad he chose her.
  17. I graduated high school at 17, college at 21, and received my Masters when I was 23. I took a year off and did some traveling…I happened to take a short trip to Europe with my best friend during that time as well…It was FABULOUS.
  18. My first job ever was at Abercrombie Kids when I turned 16.
  19. One time I was reading a magazine at the grocery store and walked out holding it…AKA I STOLE SOMETHING…when I got to the parking lot, I got SO scared, I started running.
  20. I’ve known my boyfriend since I was 16 years old and he’s one of the smartest human beings I know. He’s also really cool…and cute. And a good puppy dad. And SO much more.
  21. Speaking of my boyfriend, when I met him, my friends and I thought he was so cool that when he drove past us and waved…we all screamed in unison. RELAX, YO.
  22. My brother and I are 14 months apart and he thought we were twins up until a few years ago. I still laugh every time I think about it. I am currently CRYING LAUGHING as I type this.
  23.  I have one sibling, my brother Sterling, but my parents/aunts and uncles have instilled in me that my two older cousins, Cookie and Taleen, are my sisters. The three of us have ran with it ever since.
  24. My mom is my best friend. And that is that.
  25. I love hot weather and I worship the sun. There isn’t a vitamin in the world that can give me the energy that the sun gives me.
  26. I used to never like candy when I was younger and I now live for a good piece of candy. I like Mike and Ike’s, Sour Patch and Boston Baked Beans. I also like Twix, Snickers and Big Hunk’s. MMMMMMM!
  27. Beyoncé and I are both Virgos, she’s born on the 4th and I am born on the 5th. She is Sasha fierce and I am Tasha fierce…obviously.
  28. My favorite movie of all time is My Father the Hero…a MUST watch!



Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I managed to have the perfect Sunday yesterday so I think I’m ready to get this week started. A lot is going on this week and I need to stay as focused as possible. I realized that for me, lists, calendars, agendas, apps — all of those things play a part in how I organize my life. A little over a year ago, I was teaching a college course and I knew that it was time for me to really kick it into high gear when it came to being organized. Lesson plans are NO JOKE. More importantly, I couldn’t look ill-prepared in front of my students. So I started researching apps, reading up on organizational tips, and figuring out key habits to incorporate into my lifestyle. I juggle many projects at work and I also strive for work/life balance; hence the need for organization. Check out the 7 organizational tips that I live by, below!

1. To-do list

Write everything down, don’t rely on memory. This is about as self explanatory as it gets. I no longer rely on my memory (my memory used to be spot on, not sure what happened LOL). I feel like it is MISSION CRITICAL to write down all of the important tasks for your day, week, month. Check back in on all of those tasks to make sure you’re on top of things!

2. An appealing agenda

Head over to Target and find a PRETTY calendar/agenda/daily planner, people! My cousin bought us matching Bloom daily planners that I am obsessed with. I use it for everything. It’s my favorite because every month you can add new goals for the month, there’s fun quotes, and most importantly: it’s pink.

3. Google Calendar

Maybe he’ll kill me for sharing — but my boyfriend and I have a shared calendar now (big step, big moves, we’re the real deal) LOL. It’s actually really exciting for me 🙂 I live for these things. I love that I am able to schedule things so we don’t forget anything. It’s not crazy detailed: weekly date nights, travel schedules, events — those type of things are on our calendar. Find you a man who indulges all the boring things you’re obsessed with. 🙂

4. Time blocking

Do. One. Thing. At. A. Time. I time block all day long (both at work and at home). For starters, I time block my time spent checking emails (first thing I do when I step into the office). Everyday at work I allow myself 2 hours of email time. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s not. My emails are always in the triple digits and I feel COMPLETELY on top of my game when I have under 20 unread emails. I also time block certain tasks to make sure I get everything done on my to-do list. Speaking of tasks, when I can’t finish everything, I resort to #5 below.

5. Don’t let things pile up!

Hence the reason I time block. I try to make sure I get through my to-do list each day. Granted, easier said than done. So in the instances where I fall behind, I have a rule – NO PILES. If that means, staying longer at work or going through the beginning stages of a pile at home, then so be it. I live for clean spaces and I am not afraid to throw things away. ::COUGH COUGH:: #6.

6. Don’t be scared to purge

I AM THE QUEEN OF PURGING. If there’s a box filled with things that I have not opened in a year, I will throw it out. It’s just a rule I live by. If I haven’t opened that box in a year then there’s NO point in me opening it now — Clearly, the contents are not that important. I think it’s important to declutter as much as possible. Whether it’s your office, your bedroom, your home — decluttering is good for the soul. 

7. Perfect your morning routine (separate blog post coming soon)

In a nutshell, having a morning ritual is everything. It sets the tone for your day. I always do the same. exact. thing. every morning before I pour myself my first cup of coffee. My skincare routine, my morning news apps, my puppy cuddles — all of those things fall into my morning routine. I will do a more detailed post on this soon 🙂

How do you stay organized? Enjoy your week everyone! XO



Hey babies, I’ve been MIA yet again, what’s new? I’m actually really excited to share the next couple of posts with you all; starting with today’s post on my April Goals.

For starters, Happy Monday! I love a new week, new month, new year… you get it.  I spent the majority of March with incredible people, doing a lot of fun things and working really hard. The only problem is, I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been kind of stressed out, and I think I’m 100% dehydrated LOL. The goals I am looking to achieve for the month of April are all centered around nourishing my mind, body and spirit; I’ll get to those in a second!

A wise man recently enlightened me on the difference between being a Spectator vs. a Player. Needless to say, I have spent a majority of my life being rather careful. I play things safe, I abide by all of the rules, and I am happy doing just that. Can anyone say SPECTATOR PROBLEMSSS!?

I promised myself that this year would be the year where I’d be fearless, free and HAPPY. Lucky me, I have been the happiest I’ve been in years…but I’ve still been playing it kind of safe. So for starters, I am learning how to let go. Let go of being scared, let go of not trusting people, let go of control, let go of wondering WTF I am doing with my life, etc. I’ve decided I need to jump in the pool before I dip my little baby toes in the water.

This is life, being afraid to fail is not an option for me anymore. It is what it is and it will be what it will be. That uncomfortable feeling, that lack of control…that needs to be my sweet spot now. I urge all of you to find the power within you to really feel that exhilarating feeling of finding comfort in being uncomfortable. It’s going to change your life.

See my APRIL GOALS below and be sure to keep me posted on yours via the comments section below or via email.

The boring ones:

  • Drink more water, LOTS OF IT.
  • Take all my vitamins, FUN TIMES.
  • Eat something green everyday, YUCK.
  • Cut the caffeine, WHAT?

The fun ones:

  • Do something that scares me, ONCE A WEEK (done and done).
  • See new places I’ve been wanting to see, WEEKEND ONE DOWN (blog post to come).
  • STOP obsessing over what’s happening in my life and be grateful for each and every moment, STRAIGHT LIFE INSPO.
  • Create rituals with people I want to spend time with, MORNING YOGA ANYONE? MONDAY NIGHT DINNER? THURSDAY HIKE?
  • And lastly, a really personal goal that probably means the most to me right now: learning to trust in the timing of my life…knowing that everyone is on their own wave and that in time what’s meant to come together always will. YEA, YOU’RE WELCOME, AMERICA. THAT’S GOLD.





The month is basically over and I’ve blogged all of FOUR times this month. Honestly, for a blog to really be successful…you need a great social media following and great content. Not to mention, you have to be somewhat interesting or at least share interesting things. I think the sweet spot for blogging is posting about 2-3 times a week. Well, I blogged once a week this month. The honest truth is, this month has been so profoundly life changing for me. It’s as if there’s been a shift. January was so exciting and February has just been SO calm (minus work). And I love it. I haven’t gone to a bar/club/etc all of 2017 – yea, yea it’s only been two months whatever. But shit, I’ve barely made it to a restaurant lol. I have had zero urge to even be out amongst people lol. I have spent the past two months painting, reading like crazy, journaling, watching great movies and just catching up on those zZz’s! All solo projects.

I’ve also spent 2017 having real conversations with friends and family, talking things through, nurturing good friendships and family ties. I have focused so much on the love that surrounds me everyday. To say I am blessed isn’t going to cut it. I am so grateful each and every morning. I called my best friend the other day and had a full on conversation while I was searching through Whole Foods for some good vitamins…we were cracking up at this new shift in my life — this is my life now and I love it lol.

It has been really relaxing and really refreshing, but in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about this blog like crazy.

  • Where is it going?
  • What am I doing with it?
  • What’s my edge?
  • Who’s my target audience?
  • Why are my stats still golden while I’m not posting shit?

It’s annoying. I have worked 50+ hour weeks and I’ve managed to spend more nights in a hotel in February than I have in my own bed. I never thought I’d be traveling this much for work. The solitude of a hotel room and not having to worry about anything except what to order for food has been nice…but uhhh…TRAVELING IS EXHAUSTING. I literally kicked my suitcase the other day. I’ve never lived on my own and hotel living has taught me one thing, I am a super silent person who doesn’t like a lot of noise when I’m alone lol. I never had the TV on once, I brought more books than clothes, and I only listened to my YOGA playlist on Spotify lol. The peace was just something I needed. Living at home, there’s always background noise. Living in a hotel room…there’s nothing. There’s silence. And the noise you decide to make…which in my case was Spotify and the flipping of pages.

Things are slowing down a little bit and I just wanted to take the time to thank every single reader who manages to keep checking this while I figure me out. I haven’t posted in two weeks and I promise you that everyday I am wondering “WTF am I doing?” Lol. At the same time though, this blog means a lot to me…I created it two years ago with a certain vision and completely flipped the script last year. Needless to say, my blog flourished once I started blogging about things I wanted to blog about. I guess that’s all it really took — honesty + the real me.

I end this by saying that I won’t be gone for much longer, I am working on content as we speak. I have been really MIA because I haven’t had much to say and everything I have written, has been in a journal.

It’s the honest truth. I have managed to post many pictures on Instagram and connect with many more bloggers this year. When someone says they like the aesthetic/vibe of my Instagram, I literally CRY TEARS OF JOY inside. Lol. I never considered myself to a be a creative person so when anyone compliments a photo I’ve taken, etc…I swoon.

Just stick with me and don’t unsubscribe just yet. I am only two months into 2017 and I promise I am going to WOW you this year. ULTRAGOLDENLOVE was a concept that I thought of in March of 2015 and I plan on explaining everything + the name soon too. Until then, I am sending good vibes, lots of light and so much love to you all. XO!


The first month of 2017 is GONE! Ready to get relaxed? Try getting organized first. I am all about my new zen lifestyle. Yoga, being artsy LOL, hanging out with my nieces and nephews…all of it is so enriching. Before I started getting out there and doing all the fun stuff, I got real. I organized, rearranged and found my ZEN. Here are 17 tips to get organized and GET ZEN in 2017.

  1. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from junk mail. #gamechanger
  2. Clean out your desk drawer. Only put essentials back in and trash the rest.
  3. Put all of your travel products into one case instead of randomly stuck all over your bathroom.
  4. While you’re at it, find cute bins at Home Goods for your bathroom. I have several bins now: A hair bin with hot tools and brushes. A skincare bin filled with BOSCIA. And a makeup bin!
  5. Keep a couple reusable bags in your trunk for groceries and errands.
  6. While watching TV, grab your computer and go through old files, pictures, etc. Do the same with your phone. Clear up that memory and data!
  7. Open your fridge and pantry – clear it out!
  8. Set up a MINT account and forget missing any monthly bills. MINT will alert you when it’s time to pay them!
  9. Each Sunday, write a grocery list and meal schedule.
  10. Clean out your sock and bra drawer. I have so many “sexy” bras I never wear. BYE BYE. LOL.
  11. Do you really need 865 pens? Pick your favorites, live minimally. I’m all about that minimalist lifestyle these days.
  12. Look in your medicine cabinet—I guarantee there’s expired medicine in there. Stock up on what you’ve thrown out.
  13. Look at your calendar and plan out haircuts and any other personal maintenance appointments – that includes massages, facials, mani/pedi’s, etc.
  14. Figure out a skincare routine that works for you, and only keep those products. I will be sharing my skin routine soon – everyone keeps saying I’m glowing. So it’s either the yoga or the BOSCIA 🙂
  15. Go through your social media platforms and unfollow the accounts you don’t care about.
  16. Speaking of social media, take a hiatus all together. Nothing feels better than not having your phone on you.
  17. Lastly, BUY CANDLES. I know this has nothing to do with getting organized but it has everything to do with finding your zen. I love candles, incense, sage, etc. I usually stick to candles because incense can be messy. If you’re into candles the way I am, make sure to check out dyptique Paris candles. A-MAZ-ING.


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