The weather - GOD BLESS! No words to describe how happy I am! I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite songs from my June playlist. SUMMER IS HERE! I am so in need of new music. Anyone have any suggestions? I have absolutely NO preference when it comes to music genres - hip … Continue reading JUNE! HELLO SUMMER!



Where did Summer go? We're about three weeks away from the Fall season and I wanted to share my favorite songs of the Summer. I love music - all music - and I thought I'd share my favorites from the last 3 months. I heard the VMAs we're on last night? How did I miss … Continue reading SUMMER SOUNDS


Happy May! Make sure to check out my May 2017 Spotify playlist to listen to my favorite songs at the moment! Five of the songs below can be found on my playlist right now. I randomly received an email about my "all over the place music taste" -- I took it as a compliment. LOL 🙂 … Continue reading MAY PLAYLIST UP ON SPOTIFY NOW!


Hey everyone, For some reason I've decided against hitting the "MAKE PUBLIC" button on my April Spotify Playlist this month; probably because half the songs on it are old anyways. 🙂 January, February, and March are free to look through though! I did, however, want to share some of my favorite songs this month. Feel free … Continue reading FAVORITE SONGS THIS MONTH


Can you believe it? We are now starting Month 3 of 2017. I am so excited for this month. I finally feel like things are starting to settle down and I am finding my groove. With that being said, I thought I'd get a head start on my March playlist. I have been getting messages … Continue reading HAPPY MARCH! (PLAYLIST)


Happy February! I seriously hope you're all enjoying 2017 so far. Many changes are in store for me this year...it's all pretty crazy. At the same time though, it's all very exciting. I have been creating my new February playlist and I wanted to share some of my favorite songs so far. Like I've said … Continue reading BRAND NEW MONTH – BRAND NEW PLAYLIST


The weather outside is so beyond beautiful today my heart is literally bursting. LOL. I wanted to share another MUSIC post today. Lately, I've spent a lot of time at the yoga studio, taking different classes with different instructors. Needless to say, my favorite class is anything Victoria (one of my good friends) teaches. With … Continue reading NAMASTE PLAYLIST


Happy Tuesday! I wanted to write a quick post on my favorite songs at the moment. It's funny how I have a MUSIC tab on my blog yet barely post about it. Music is 90% of my life so I find it interesting how I manage to always have a song in my ear yet … Continue reading MY FAVORITE SONGS OF 2017…SO FAR.

Playlist for August 2016

Hi everyone, I hope the month of August is off to a great start for you. As you know, I am a huge fan of all genres of music. I love hip hop, deep house, pop, R&B...you name it--I like it. I do not discriminate when it comes to music. I am a huge Spotify … Continue reading Playlist for August 2016

dvsn ÷

Concerts on a Monday night? NO THANK YOU. Unless you are dvsn—my god, what a performance. My weekends have been exhausting lately: weddings, graduation parties, family events and bbq’s…I have found that I catch up on sleep during the week! Go figure. So as I sip my Tazo Awake tea, I can’t help but think … Continue reading dvsn ÷