So – The royals and I now share an anniversary month! LOL. I am ALL about it. If you know me then you know I love the show Suits, I love Meghan Markle’s style and I absoletly live for a good fashion moment. May has been a great month and I wanted to close it out with a special style showcase. Meghan, our SoCal princess, has turned into QUITE the style icon as of late. I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from the past year. Enjoy!

And this post wouldn’t be complete without her most important fashion moment of 2018 – the royal wedding. What do you think of Meghan’s wedding dress + reception dress? XO and cheers to a very happy May!




We are halfway through the year and I set some “simple resolutions” that I could keep all year long. I wanted to let you know how I’ve done so far (LOL don’t judge me)

  1. Work on my posture. MUST work on this – such a small but BIG change.
  2. Start applying eye cream before bed. I do this…sometimes.
  3. Quality over quantity. This is something I 100% need to work on – especially when it comes to spending time.
  4. Add veggies to each meal. I am not bad at this! I have started adding mushrooms, broccoli (yuck) and asparagus to a lot of my meals!
  5. Try one new workout class each month. OKAY STRAIGHT SLACKING ON THIS ONE. So I guess that means I’ll just try SIX new workout classes in June? LOL
  6. Add SPF and moisturizer to face daily. I’m on it!
  7. Give up tech for an hour before bed. I have been pretty good about this, I bought 5 new books and I spend every night (and some mornings) reading before bed.
  8. Look at my bank statement once a week. Yes! Check!
  9. Take daily vitamins and a probiotic. I was doing this until I realized my vitamins might be giving me anxiety – so vitamins are on pause for now.
  10. Watch TV shows that teach you something. Leave it to CA when it comes to this one – my documentary connoisseur – he has me watching the most interesting documentaries, I swear. And it’s great because learning something versus watching reality TV is crucial to my development and growth as I get older.

How are your 2018 resolutions coming along? XO


I know, I know…There are only 3 days left in May but I HAVE to share my ‘wants’ for the month. I thought I’d dedicate this post to athleisure – mainly because I am almost always in athleisure when it’s time for casual-wear. I wanted to share some of my favorite brands for shoes, leggings and all things fitness-fashion related. I love when I get in a good workout – but I love it even more when I like what I’m wearing and I look good. Check out my favorites below!












What are your favorite athletic-wear brands?


I have been meaning to do a post on my skincare routine for quite some time now. My skin isn’t perfect by any means but I do my best to take good care of it. For starters, I rarely wear face makeup. I am forever in a cat eye and liquid lipstick, but actual face makeup? Rare. Mainly because I have yet to find good enough face makeup that keeps the glowy/dewy look. Before I go into what face makeup I use (when needed), let me share the greatest thing to ever happen to my skin: boscia.

boscia honestly changed my skin. First of all, all of their products expire – that alone should tell you something. All natural, all the time. I use a couple of their products that I am obsessed with (the Purifying Cleansing Gel being my favorite). They also have an Essence Water that I love as well.

Another great brand I swear by is Clinique – their 72 Hour Moisture Surge is my go-to moisturizer. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post (see here) I know that your diet, sleep, and stress levels can all affect your skin – but Clinique and boscia are two brands I absolutely love.

When it comes to make up – I only use ONE liquid foundation and that’s the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – there is nothing better in my opinion. Buildable coverage, great ingredients, and it WON’T break you out! I am currently in the market for a good concealer and would LOVE any suggestions on which ones my readers currently use. If you haven’t tried boscia, PLEASE try it and let me know if you like it! Cheers to happy and healthy skin.



It’s JUNE on Friday! I wasn’t going to let this month slip by without some blog posts so be ready for a few emails to pop up in your inbox this week. I wanted to start with the most important day in May for me – my anniversary. 2017 was life changing for me – a lot of new and exciting changes were happening for me and this year I finally get to look back and celebrate all of them. One of them being my one year anniversary with CA. I truly believe a lot of my personal growth comes from witnessing our own growth together. Emotional intelligence and support, communication, appreciation and love…lots of love: that’s where we are at right now. I am so grateful for everything CA is…and is becoming. I learn from him every single day – not just as his girlfriend, but as his friend and his peer. So this anniversary was so special for me. It wasn’t just a culmination of our past year together – but the culmination of knowing someone for over a decade and being able to get to know him on a deeper level and just love him with no inhibitions. He’s a dream, but I can go on and on. I wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Catalina. He gave me a couple days’ notice (GOD BLESS – girls, you already know we need an outfit, a nail appointment, etc.) to prep for our day trip. I had never been to Catalina and I absolutely LOVED it…being on the island was exactly what we needed. We had incredible meals (steak, tacos, swordfish, ice cream, candy – everything lol), enjoyed a few drinks, rode around in a golf cart ALL over the island and just really spent one on one time together. Nothing beats ditching the cell phone and getting quality time. He probably won’t even see this post because he’s “social media averse” (I think I just created that term) but I wanted to thank him on here anyways.

I am so grateful for you babe – thanks for showing me what it means to LIVE MY BEST LIFE.

See some fun photos below from our one year anniversary getaway!


Week one of April is DONE. Great news for all my zodiac peeps – we’re about to be out of retrograde! Trust issues? Gone. Bad communication? See ya. Tech issues? Buh bye! LOL apparently mercury retrograde really has a way of messing with Virgos since we are ruled by the planet…but really ‘catch ya later, mercury retrograde.’ Every month I try to share my “wants” for the month. Some are totally out there and some are doable! I added one splurge item at the end – a girl’s gotta live a little! LOL. Enjoy!












The weather in LA has been perfect this week. It’s been three+ months since we were in Miami and I can’t even begin to say how much I miss it! As many of you already know, I am OBSESSED with all things Gray Malin so I decided to share a few of my favorite pieces from his curated collections…this weather has me in the mood! Malin shoots all over the world– in Palm Springs, Italy, Miami Beach (where we stayed), The Hamptons and Park City *to name a few! Our hotel (and the beach we stayed on) in Miami had me feeling like I was living inside of a Gray Malin photo. Looking through these photos just has me wondering what CA has up his sleeve for the next vacay! 🙂

Enjoy the photos below! XO HAPPY APRIL!


Party at the Parker


The Cabana


Champagne in Capri


Miami Beach Sunbathers

TWO LLAMAS WITH PINK BALLOONSTwo Llamas with Pink Balloons



I thought I’d share some of my favorite beauty products at the moment. I think that this year in particular, the weather has been CRAZY. I really needed some extra help in the beauty department and through lots of trial and error – I have found some favorites. See below!

JET LAG FACE MASK – This godsend. This weekend was filled with lots of celebrations, lots of drinks and very little sleep. This mask is my go-to morning mask after a long night of partying.

AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT– I use this on my lips, dry spots on my face, and even on my body. It is such a good THICK healing ointment. I even got CA to buy into it.

BOSCIA PURIFYING CLEANSING GEL – My only facial cleanser. It’s very easy on my face and has no harsh chemicals.

YES TO CUCUMBERS CALMING PAPER MASK – This really goes hand in hand with my Jet Lag face mask. I love this paper mask – mainly because it’s so easy to put on and not messy at all! Once I take this off, my skin is literally GLOWING. I love it – not to mention it’s under $3! 🙂 Thank me later!

AVEENO DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION – My fresh out of the shower go-to lotion. Easy on sensitive skin and super moisturizing.

What are your go-to beauty products at the moment? XO

Happy Monday!


I noticed everyone has a morning routine, day routine, night routine etc. Mine never seems to change so I thought I’d share what a day in the life of ULTRAGOLDENLOVE looks like.

7AM (WAKE UP): light a candle, go through emails, get ready, pour coffee, grab breakfast, and listen to a podcast.

11AM (PICK ME UP): head over to Starbucks for matcha or a snack…or both.

1PM (LUNCH): I always try to make sure I’m eating healthy during the week so I can splurge all weekend LOL. Lunches are usually Whole Foods runs, Chipotle salads, etc.

5PM (AFTER WORK ACTIVITIES): I like to try and squeeze in a workout whenever I can, call friends, have a date night, etc. On days where I am at home relaxing: I read, put on a facemask, watch Blue Bloods (a must) and sometimes listen to a podcast. I have noticed that my night time routine is my favorite. Never underestimate the power of a facemask and a good book LOL. I don’t watch TV unless it’s Blue Bloods or the Food Network. I enjoy reading so much and I love to share the books I read too.

(WEEKENDS) DISCLAIMER: My weekends are for blogging. Content. Content. Content. And more importantly, my weekends are for things I love doing. Saturday morning hikes are a must – it switches up and I LOVE when we bring Ryder boy with us. After our hike, smoothies and bagels are usually our go-to. I like to clean, shoot content and post on IG during the day. Saturday nights are always up in the air – which I love. There’s always something to do. My FAVORITE Saturday night (my favorite kind of night PERIOD actually) is staying in. I LOVE staying in. I don’t like going out that much at all. I don’t mind putting on a good outfit, dinners, etc…But I’d much rather stay in and be comfortable. I truly enjoy a night at home, cooking, watching a good movie, taking the dog on a walk, reading, etc. (I don’t really care how fun I sound, it’s my favorite). I just started cooking and I swear we are cooking gourmet meals lately –clam chowder in a bread bowl, carbonara, clam linguine and tofu stir-fry just to name a few (I’ll make sure to share some recipes soon). If Saturday nights were up to me, it’d be all about QUALITY TIME. Sundays are usually the same except I try to sleep earlier just to get my week started on the right foot. I love planning so I have recently started writing 5 goals for the week. I’ve stuck to my goals this week: hydrating, meditating, and reading were on the list (just to name a few)!

I truly love the way my life is finally coming together after all this time. The only thing missing on my list as of late is yoga. Once I incorporate yoga more often I’ll be good to go. I think it’s important to have a routine for life. I am pretty sure we all have one, we just don’t talk about it too much. I find that sharing my goals, routines and tips have not only helped others but has opened the door for others to share their goals and routines with me. I am constantly tweaking my lifestyle so I welcome the feedback!

Please comment below and share some lifestyle tips! I am always open to new suggestions!

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