Turn 29. Chop your hair. Find a new career path. Just a couple of things that are happening at the moment. Happy Fall! As we transition into this new season, I have found myself wondering what this season will have in store for me. I turned 29 two weeks ago and I realized how important [...]



LET ME START THIS OFF BY SAYING - Regardless of what I write about my birthday celebration two months ago, nothing I say will do it justice. SUCH an incredible birthday. The day started off with some shopping and Peet's Coffee with my mom, gifts from my parents and a quick breakfast. My boyfriend then [...]

Coming to Fruition

Coming to Fruition

OKAY! So I was not going to let my birthday month pass without writing a birthday post. This month started crazy and hasn't stopped being crazy. I have been traveling for work nonstop for a little over a month now--San Francisco, San Diego, etc etc etc. I am exhausted...but SO grateful. Turning 27 has already [...]