And just like that, it's been two months! I had to take a hiatus from the blog, I was blogging 2-3 times a week but I wasn't focusing on my full-time work. Now that I am finding a balance, it's time to spend time working + side hustling. February and March were HUGE months for [...]



If you're in need of a good show - check out my top 10 favorite shows currently on Netflix! PS - I just saw the Fyre Festival documentary...have you seen it? Thoughts? I just love Netflix, not sure what I was doing before this. LOL. GIRLBOSS I loved everything about this show, I especially loved [...]


If you haven't heard...podcasts are all the rage these days. I started listening to podcasts in 2017, The G&E Show, to be specific. I wish I could say I still listen to their show, unfortunately, I outgrew it. The show is absolutely incredible but it just wasn't for me anymore. Through their incredible podcast and [...]


I am loving Pinterest these days. I have divided my boards into three different sections so far: FASHION QUOTES INTERIOR I wanted to share my favorite quotes I've pinned so far. I really like that Pinterest allows for a lot of #inspo. I think it's a fun and positive social media platform -- follow me [...]


Week one of April is DONE. Great news for all my zodiac peeps - we're about to be out of retrograde! Trust issues? Gone. Bad communication? See ya. Tech issues? Buh bye! LOL apparently mercury retrograde really has a way of messing with Virgos since we are ruled by the planet...but really 'catch ya later, [...]