Hi all! I am so happy to be back on here and give you some quick life updates. The podcast is back -- I rolled out 5 episodes and then took a quick hiatus for two weeks, recorded my next one, and then waited almost 6 weeks to edit and publish it. When I announced [...]



HAPPY DECEMBER! I wanted to check in and share a quick thought with you all…let’s start here: THE. LAST. MONTH. OF. 2017. I can't even believe it. I have two very special birthdays to celebrate this year before the holidays. And then BOOM - 2018. I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT. I had a conversation with [...]

Fall Must Haves!

Fall Must Haves!

I hope everyone is enjoying the time change. I have been sleeping earlier (hopefully I stick with it) and I have definitely had more energy. Today, on Election Day, I have found that one thing remains true: EVERYONE IS CRAZY. No really... On the road: there's road rage, In Starbucks: there's the lady who's bothered [...]